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Prepare yourself for a gripping, exhilarating ride on
January 9th, 2006. On that date, DragonForce release their
hotly awaited third album, ‘Inhuman Rampage’. The title is
an apt summation of a devastating musical journey, an
unstoppable force that the six-man group’s forthcoming tour
of duty will leave devastated cities in its wake. Combing
the primal force of power metal with hard-earned musical
proficiency, old-school thrash and generous quantities of
muscular melody in a unique style that they call ‘extreme
power metal’, More...

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Submit Dragonforce New Lyrics

Review about Dragonforce songs
Why? | Reviewer: HakAsh_Indev
    ------ About the song Through Fire and Flames performed by Dragonforce

The gh3 version of the song can't compete with the real guitar tabs. Even if you actually manage to play it on gh3, it won't make you any good at your guitar skills. It's just stupid to compare such things. Be a man and at least try to play the song on your guitar....( I'm to bored to reply to the guy that got in my nervs soo....yeah)

Jooleeboolee | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Soldiers Of The Wasteland performed by Dragonforce

I love this song, it's so amazing. But I recommend to everyone who love this song, and do in general to listen to timeless miracle ( the voyage or curse of the werewolf) they are just an super-cool power metal

Fabulous! Such a masterpiece! | Reviewer: ...
    ------ About the song Trail Of Broken Hearts performed by Dragonforce

Well, when I first listened to this song, it surprised me, but I won't deny that I felt happy to listen DragonForce playing something slow and calm once again, considering that they are usually VERY fast! (And awesome ^-^) However, even not being an ultra-fast played song, I found Trail Of Broken Hearts amazing, it's so beautiful, touching... I fail to find a perfect verb to describe this one, heavenly, perhaps, for this song conveys a powerful energy that takes your soul to a trip straight to the heavens. Anyone else feel it? But what surprises me even more is that there's ignorant people that criticizes this song, but what to do? It's not their fault if they dropped their souls along the way or born without one. But it doesn't matter after all, with or without their criticisms, this song will always be fabulous!

    ------ About the song A Flame For Freedom performed by Dragonforce

Truly a masterpiece! Dforce has always been close to my heart, They make magestic music and I constantly await more from them! This is probably my favorite song of theirs and one of their most well written pieces!

REVIEW OF EPIC METALNESS | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Through Fire and Flames performed by Dragonforce

This song is definitely a beast. But all of you saying it is impossible on gh3 try playing fury of the storm on GH:WOR on expert or sudden death on expert or even this day we fight on expert. Just saying not the hardest GH song out there.

heavy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Through The Fire And The Flames performed by Dragonforce

Its hard to keep up with you guys but i think that my mother would have loved the fact that you guys kept up through the fire and flames. You guys just are so fast and so hardcore and i hope you guys keep it up

DF RULES FOREVER | Reviewer: the Trooper
    ------ About the song Where Dragons Rule performed by Dragonforce

Its been only a year since i started listening DF. These guys are awesome and i truely respect them. Hopefully next year we're taking a project on covering there songs. But there's a problem-what would we do where Dragons rule?

Vocals Are Pretty Bad | Reviewer: AS
    ------ About the song Above The Winter Moonlight performed by Dragonforce

About half of this album is awesome, but this song is not a part of that list. The melodies just kind of meander, which is unusual for DragonForce, honestly. Especially the chorus-- ZP goes way, way beyond his natural, comfortable vocal range and it sounds strained and awful. The last stretch of the song where he keeps pushing his voice, it goes well beyond falsetto into a realm of discomfort and wincing horror. He spends about half the song in the middle of his range, and for some reason at the end pushes it past good taste. You can just see his face turning red and absolutely know he sucks at singing this song live and probably lowers it an octave. It's sad, because I really love ZP's voice and the quality and character of it, but on DF's first two albums, Sam seems to push ZP well out of his range on a routine basis.

The last chorus of this song effectively ruins it, because it sounds like a person with zero vocal talent is phoning it in. He sounds like an amateur. It's embarrassing, honestly. There are several notes he just plainly does not even hit. Painful.

Knight rider | Reviewer: Thunder storm
    ------ About the song Soldiers Of The Wasteland performed by Dragonforce

This song gives inspiration to us all. The knight rider, one day they will ride in the sky under the god's command n their hearts are filled with dragon's rage to destroy humanity.
(sorry, if any mistake cuz i'm nt that gud in english)

here we go | Reviewer: Jenni
    ------ About the song Through Fire and Flames performed by Dragonforce

The people who look down on people who are proud they have mastered this song on guitar hero... come on, stop being such a dickheads!
I don't play guitar nor guitar hero, but I really enjoy this song.

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