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Gorillaz Dracula Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2013 04:06:31 PM

(This is good for the blood!)

The percentage of us tow the line
The rest of us out of reach
Everybody party time
Some of us will never sleep again

Dracula dracula
Dracula dracula

The percentage of us tow the line
The rest of us out of reach
Everybody party time
Some of us will never sleep again

Dracula dracula
Dracula dracula

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did any of you actually read dracula? | Reviewer: fhgggg | 3/22/13

did any of you read the book? johnalthan harker (the first main character) is a soliciter (a type of lawyer) who is considered to be the everyman of nobility. in the book he is trapped in dracula's castle and is "out of reach" to the rest of the world. and though he is having what would be considered a splended time. also a quote from the book (the count warning harker) "let me warn you with all seriousness, that should you sleep in any other part of the castle... there are bad dreams for those who sleep unwisely" then harker goes on this whole shpeil about how he may never sleep again

Working vs Partying | Reviewer: Cheesecake | 10/29/12

I think when he says, "Some of us tow the line, Rest is out of reach" he is referring to people who work hard and struggle to make a living, while the next verse "Everybody party time, Some of us will never sleep again" is about rich people who have the luxury to party all the time. The main focus of the song is about the Hardworker who can never get the rest he needs, in contrast to RichPeople who never need to sleep. Maybe even, These Rich people are being labeled as Vampire Hedonists, preying on the less fortunate, this might explain the beginning sample of Dracula telling his victim, "Rest is good for the blood",

idiots | Reviewer: igor | 12/2/11

you guys are idiots.

this song has to do with using heroin, the percentage of us tow the line is talking about blood in the vein, rest of us are out of reach is talking about the blood in the syringe, party time is when the shot is taken, some of us will never sleep again is talking about the heroin nod.

Santa Claus not Percentage | Reviewer: Bob the Octopus | 6/15/11

I don't think he is saying, "Percentage of us tow the line," he is saying, "Santa just told a lie."

Also, the beginning spoken line is from the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Transylvania 6-5000". Count Bloodcount says, "REST is good for the blood."

I think this song is about taking drugs. Some people OD and they will never sleep again.

Dracula is a reference to how druggies (like meth freaks and tweakers) are hollow, undead people. Drugs take the humanity away from people, and they become like vampires fixed on one goal once addicted, which is getting more drugs.

It all starts with "party time" and taking drugs recreationally, but then people turn into vampires after they do drugs too much.

The Lyrics on this page are wrong. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/10

He is saying "Percentage of us toe the line"

He is talking about how we push our ability to deprive ourselves of sleep.
Then he says "The Rest of us is out of reach"
He says IS... He isnt talking are out of reach. Meaning he is specifically talking about "The rest of Us" ... He is saying The rest we should be getting is out of reach.
Of course in this state, its always party time.
And goes on to say ... some of us will go unto the death of the body, Vampire... staying up all night. Some of us will never sleep again.... The sun burns us... (if youve been a night person you know what i mean)

This is a song about burning yourself out on partying.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/08

This zong iz awezome I didn't understand the wordz until I read them here and it Iz a tranze like feeling you get from liztening to it. the part I like most about the zong is the intro it zoundz like a hihg pitched trumpet or zomething of the zort.

totaly wierdly awesome | Reviewer: jordan evasn | 5/9/07

dracula is one of the best songs i have ever heard it makes you in a trance like the other perason said and is the wierdest song i have ever heard in my life and the lyrics are so cool "santa just told a lie" amazing brain power thougt up these

Nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/07

Draclua is the lies of the nation that people tell one another on a daily basis, sapping and leaching away any substance that humanity still holds. Santa just told a lie shows the minuscule lies we teach out children to make exceptions for in their comprehension of morality and humanity. Two traits that are leaking out of the world at a rapid pace.

Weird, but totally wicked :O | Reviewer: Turk Rocks | 3/14/07

This song is really cool, it puts you in the kind of musical trance that keeps your hips swinging, your fingers snapping, and the water bottle in your hand drained empty.

It's a bit weird, but it's the good kind of weird. Liiiiike... Toe socks! The ones with the little monkeys all over them... or ummm... in this case... Monkeyz O.o

At frist, when I straight out read the lyrics I'm like 'The hell?' and you listen to it and well aren't all their other songs like that? A set of lyrical genius unkspoken until it is heard. Gorillaz!
Dracula, Dracula!
oh lord, I will be up all night again dancing.