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The beginning of Sweden’s DRACONIAN can be traced back to
May 1994, when Johan Ericson (drums, vocals), Andy Hindenäs
(guitars) and Jesper Stolpe (bass, vocals) joined forces as
KERBEROS, a melodic heavy/death metal ensemble with black
metal influences. Seven months later, lead vocalist and
poet Anders Jacobsson joined the band, which then changed
its name to what it is today.

Over the next months, DRACONIAN worked diligently on new
material that eventually found its way to their first demo
recorded in Studio Källgren on 27 Oct More...

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Review about Draconian songs
Draconian | Reviewer: Sophia
    ------ About the song Death, Come Near Me performed by Draconian

Through the lyrics, Draconian has managed to paint a mournful and sorrowful picture about how death can be a release from the pains of life, how death can be the better answer. The death growling vocals of Anders Jacobsson and the angelic vocals of Lisa Johansson combine in perferct harmony and balance. And the instruments create a dark and melancholy atmosphere in which I find exquisite beauty.

believing | Reviewer: wor wungleng
    ------ About the song Heaven Laid in Tears (Angels' Lament) performed by Draconian

i like this lyrics, it's abit weird,there is nothing to review this is the perfect song.......i'm a great fan of draconian symphonic death,doom,folk.gothic metal!and cheers up! cheers up!

Amazing | Reviewer: Morgan
    ------ About the song Death, Come Near Me performed by Draconian

This my favorite Draconian song. It has such an epic feeling to it, it's absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are perfect. When I struggle to describe my own feelings these lyrics can do it perfectly. Wow.

    ------ About the song Death, Come Near Me performed by Draconian

listening to this song, it's amazing how much at home i feel... it's so perfect. amazing song. excellent lyrics. this song rocks!

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