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Joan Armatrading Down to Zero Lyrics

Last updated: 05/04/2012 08:34:32 PM

Oh the feeling
When you're reeling
You step lightly thinking you're number one
Down to zero with a word
For another one

Now you walk with your feet
Back on the ground
Down to the ground
Down to the ground
Down to the ground
Down to the ground

Brand new dandy
First class scene stealer
Walks through the crowd and takes your man
Sends you rushing to the mirror
Brush your eyebrows and say
There's more beauty in you than anyone

I remember who walked the once and besides you
Moored to your heel
Let the waves come a rushing in
She'll take the worry from your head
But then again
She put trouble in your heart instead
Then you'll fall
Down to the ground
Down to the ground

You'll know heartache
Still more crying
When you're thinking of your mother's and their sons
Take to your bed
You say there's peace in sleep
But you'll dream of love instead

Oh the heartache you'll find
Can bring more pain than a blistering sun
But oh when you fall
Oh when you fall
Fall at my door...

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Talent sorely not appreciated | Reviewer: Graeme Claridge | 7/12/11

Down To Zero is up there in the annuls of good music and the same can be said for Joan Armatrading who is just so good at what she does, she doesn't need to keep on churning out album after album, year in, year out. Down to zero is one of those songs that just captures you, you have to listen to it and you have to enjoy it, you can't possibly hate it as there is absolutely nothing about it to hate, the lyrics, the melody, Joan's voice, the performance of all of the musicians and the expertise of the sound engineer, all of these aspects are just perfect and it can be heard in the song and it's performance, anyone who doesn't like this must be either dead between the ears or genetically related to George W Bush.