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Alice In Chains Down In A Hole Lyrics

Last updated: 03/27/2013 04:12:43 AM

LP version (5:40)

Bury me softly in this womb
I give this part of me for you
Sand rains down and here I sit
Holding rare flowers
In a tomb... in bloom

Down in a hole and I don't know
if I can be saved
I sing my heart out decorated
like a grave
You don't understand who they
thought I was supposed to be
Look at me now I'm a man
who won't let himself be

Down in a hole, feeling so small
Down in a hole, losing my soul
I'd like to fly,
But my wings have been so denied

Down in a hole and they've put all
The stones in their place
I've eaten the sun so my tongue
Has been burned of the taste
I have been guilty
Of kicking myself in the teeth
I will speak no more
Of my feelings beneath

Down in a hole, feeling so small
Down in a hole, losing my soul
I'd like to fly but my
Wings have been so denied

Bury me softly in this womb
Oh I want to be inside of you
I give this part of me for you
Oh I want to be inside of you
Sand rains down and here I sit
Holding rare flowers (oh I want to be inside of you)
In a tomb...
Oh I want to be inside...

Down in a hole, feeling so small
Down in a hole, losing my soul
Down in a hole, feeling so small
Down in a hole, out of control
I'd like to fly but my
Wings have been so denied

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Surreal | Reviewer: Greg Armstrong | 1/29/13

Years ago when I first heard this song I thought it was about sex (down in a hole) today, what it makes me think about is the time we all spend in our mother's womb, a time when all needs are met warm cozy, safe, her reassuring voice and heartbeat, and no fears. A great work one of my favorites

My interpretation. Of aic down in a hole | Reviewer: Ijnanya lane | 1/9/13

I truly think this song is about going through life with all of your mess-ups and then dying and being worried that you won't go to heaven because of your sins and you just want to to be on that happy place be fore things got bad. But it's different for everybody this is just my interpretation. Of this amazing song

15 to 50 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/12

When my grandson was fifeteen I was fifty.he was having a hard time. When I was young this song did alot for one cold dreary december evening at my cabin I wrote out the lyrics for him,gave him my headphones and sent him upstairs. A hour or so went by. He came down the stairs tears running down his face,put his arms around me. He broke down complety,totaly. Out it all came,despair,confusion,whats wrong with me?why me? I fell back to when I was a young man,heartbroken,alone despair. Hopelessness. And in that moment came the words that only time will let you see. We talked alot that summer,things that mattered,alot that did not. That next summer I saw my grandson a little,the next few years not at son told me that I would be very proud of his grandson,that he turmed into a fine young man. My birthday was a few days ago. There was a package from grandson in the mail. The card just wings are on high. Thanks Grandpa. How strange,what the hell does that mean?Inside the package was the cd AiC mtv unplugged. In the liner notes he had written on a piece of paper how he was going to commit suicide when he got back home that December after Christmas break. That this moment changed him forever. I broke down totaly,compleatly.Thank you Alice in Chains.

flowers??? | Reviewer: mr hunt | 7/20/11

"holding rare flowers in a tomb...?" what sort of flowers in what kind of tomb? perhaps it is the beautiful poppy flower within a needle. whatever he speaks of the song is truely a work of art. having struggled with addiction and haveing friends lose their struggle with it makes it almost hard to listen to. to put so much emotion and soul into your music is a thing of wonder. by far one of the most moving peices ever constructed, rest in peace friends your stuggle is not forgotten.

pure dynamite | Reviewer: Harold | 10/13/10

Down In A Hole is so ethereal. I get chills listening to it. The arrangement on this is briliant- rise and fall, rise and fall, and the guitar work is (as usual for Cantrell) great. This song leaves the realm of heavy metal to flirt with some of the best progressive rock ever recorded.

AIC | Reviewer: andrea | 9/13/10

F-ing incredible.This song came on the day before the second anniversary of my grandfathers death.Its so amazing how these songs you love come on at the right moment and therefore you remember them forever.

wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Randy Berthiaume | 3/4/07

at the third part its down in a hole, losing my sole down in a hole losing control not feeling so small