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Bo Diddley Down Home Special Lyrics

Last updated: 10/18/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Down Home Special Trk 24 Disc 1
(Ellas McDaniel)
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley - vocal & guitar, Willie Dixon - bass
Clifton James - drums, Jody Williams - guitar
Jerome Greene - maracas. Recorded October 1956
Chicago, originally Checker #850.
Album: Bo Diddley 'I'm A Man - The Chess Masters 1955-1958'
B0009231-02 Hipo Select (Geffen) 2007

<train whistle intro & between verses>

'All Aboard!'

Bo Spoken w/engineer responding)

Let me get in here and get me a ticket.
Say man, look here, is this the Down Home Special?
Well, gimme a ticket then, man.
(What ticket, man?)
A ticket to McComb, Mississippi.
Yeah, McComb.
(I thought you was goin' to Appaloosa)
Ha, ha, ha, Yeah, I'm goin' to Appaloosa, alright.
The train goin' through there but I ain't gettin' off!

(<beep-beep, toot-toot>

I'm goin' home to see my babe, fair
I'm goin' home, see my baby
I'm goin' home, see my baby
And I don't, doggone, mean maybe

Been workin' like I never did before
Just made a lot of money
To get to my baby's door

Been through Appaloosa
Been to Tennessee
Been up in a airplane
Even out on the sea
I can't find a woman
To satis-satisfy me

Got a woman in the country
One in the city, too
I have got to find a woman
That thrill me through and through

I'm goin' home, see my baby
I'm goin' home to see my baby
I'm goin' home to see my baby
And I don't, don't, mean maybe


Travel two days
And two nights long
Snow, storm, rainy weather
Get back in yo' arms

I'm goin' home to see my baby
I'm goin' home to see my baby

(All arrive for McComb!)

(All arrive for McComb).


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