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"My theory on Manchester and why it produces the bands it
does is that because the world is willing to listen to
them, it gives the kids a confidence and and a belief that
what has happened before might happen again. It's something
to aim for."
- Jimi Goodwin (May 2000)

Doves, were quite literally formed out of the ashes of the
Madchester dance act, Sub Sub, when a fire at their Ancoats
studio, on the birthday of Andy and Jez Williams, destroyed
the material for their next album as well as their
equipment. The twins, with fellow More...

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Review about Doves songs
I found this song in a game! | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Willow's Song performed by Doves

While playing Silent Hill Downpour, there are radios here and there. Turning it on will play a song. One of the songs it plays is this song.
I didn't move my character at all when this song played. So mellow yet so harsh.
I downloaded the entire soundtrack just for this song.

Heart music | Reviewer: Matt. W.
    ------ About the song Last Broadcast performed by Doves

I love this track so deeply. It makes me feel so nostalgic for the close relationships i had at home in england. Relationships, people i will miss. It kind of reminds me that life is short and so bittersweet. The Doves are (were?) always underrated i agree. But &*# me, they can write a song.

great song | Reviewer: darren
    ------ About the song Rise performed by Doves

i thought it was just me who felt like this. the first note on the guitar still moves me. what other song has made you feel the same way as rise. and does anyone know what the lyrics are about

Sorry Eve :) | Reviewer: Jeff
    ------ About the song Caught By the River performed by Doves

Sorry Eve, you cannot have this band all to myself but I would be willing to share them with you! ;)

This song is perfect in every way from the time signature and instrumentation to the Rickenbacker guitar towards end giving me the chills every time. It is also a good song to finish a long run.

Proper Soul Music... | Reviewer: Andy B
    ------ About the song Last Broadcast performed by Doves

I was on a train in summer 2002 feeling pretty low, staring out the window at countryside...sheep and cows, when The Last Broadcast came on my CD player...the emotive and infectious slowly melancholic groove grabbed hold of my emotions and played frisbee with them for a while whilst Jimi's voice sung of cool resignation to a failed relationship and like with The Smiths before them, I wasn't alone in my shit anymore, and it felt good. Doves are proper soul music that invokes feelings and emotions of all feel part of their music and lose yourself in the layered melodica worlds they create. They're kool as f**k, criminally underrated and the only band I bother with these days because no one else comes close. Ta muchly.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Eve
    ------ About the song Caught By the River performed by Doves

this song is amazing and it makes me feel like i'm somewhere else altogether.. caught by the river, maybe, haha.. anyway it just makes me really happy :) doves is relatively unknown and i hope it stays that way so i can have this fantastic band all to myself.

Favorite song by Doves | Reviewer: ed222
    ------ About the song Pounding performed by Doves

Ok I say it is my fav song, but not sure I can pick just one by the band. But I LOVE this song and the lyrics.

Total brilliance -- The best thing I did was to buy The Last Broadcast.

But it's now or never baby!

beautiful song | Reviewer: jared
    ------ About the song Satellites performed by Doves

I first really listened to this song when I was on a much needed vacation with my feet up sitting out by the pool. It was over 100 degrees and I was pretty high and this song couldn't have more perfectly captured my mood. I smiled and took a deep breath and everything felt ok.

Faith and the Muse | Reviewer: Johnny I.
    ------ About the song Willow's Song performed by Doves

The Faith and the Muse cover DOES have the line about the bull. They're not the kind of people that would censor themselves.

I agree, this song is extremely erotic. It's got a very strong-sexy yin/feminine energy that as a man I'm just totally into.

Please rent it or buy The Wickerman if you haven't seen it yet. (The original, not the awful newer version.)

Lessons in life | Reviewer: Richard
    ------ About the song Pounding performed by Doves

I was lucky enough to be on a plane with the band once, I didn't know at the time. I was listening to this song, tappin my foot an mumbellin my little heart out when the trolly dolly asked me to stop murderin a wonderful song when I replyed says who she pointed to a beaming jimi goodwin! If you love this song then sing along you never know who's listening.

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