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Flux Pavilion Double Edge Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2013 10:01:08 AM

In the time before law,
Only two powers governed the land: Good and evil.

Oozing eyes, super suave
But I see my matte black sup'd up supercar.
Ever see that I'm ruthless, and this one's a smash hit blowing straight through the glass.
They ain't touching me 'cause I ain't never running,
Sickened to my name and category, I ain't number one'ing.
Worst-case scenario is it won't be a target,
The message still a happy ending--I'm coming;
Come in and stop spying through a key-hole,
Wanna see me win this fight against evil.
The cowards are only preying on the weak.
I'll have them on their knees in the long-hall cathedral.
Yeah, my head and mind drugged,
They're blowing it all the time, but never when I flop.
Sweaty fever, but it's like hay fever-- (?)
Eyes are wide open whenever I drop.

I'm a savior here to save you.
I'm a problem to frustrate you.
I'm a knight here to contain you.
I'm the policy' enslave you!

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Introdu--

Oh shut up, I'll introduce myself!
I'm flowing like a pitbull.
I'm gonna knock your daft punchlines with a fistfull. (?)
I'm the show where the kids wanna watch.
I've got the power to make them stay up late and miss school.
Girls are like, "Aah, he's cool!"
Confusing? Nothing about me simple.
I'm a bad mother-- shut your mouth!
I kiss the girls and give all the pretty ones wrinkles. (?)
I'm so great, flying around with no cape--I'm so baked!
I graffiti'ing my name on skyscrapers.
Heroes told me to stop. I'm like, "Shut up! Don't hate!"
I use my power for entertainment. Some of mine, the way I gave a show, an orgasm, a homebase. (?)
"Why you gotta take my girl? Get your own date?
Why you here in my galaxy? Get your own space!"
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