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Raven Symone Double Dutch Bus Lyrics

Last updated: 06/23/2009 11:00:00 AM

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You know you want to jump on the Double Dutch Bus, so take a ride, we're waiting in the clutch.

Verse One:

There's a Double Dutch Bus coming down the street.
Movin' pretty fast, so kinda shuffle your feet.
Get on the bus, and pay your fair.
Tell the driver that you're going to a Double Dutch affair. [Follow Me]


Fe Fi Fo Fum [Fe Fi Fo Fum]
We'll I'll be done, here it comes (Repeat 2x).
The Double Dutch Bus is on the street (Repeat 2x).
You better get on the floor, move your feet (Repeat 2x).
Ooh...Ooh...get on the Double Dutch Bus...Double Dutch Bus [Jump on it] (Repeat 2x).

Verse Two:

Now I missed my bus, and I know that I'm late.
I gotta do something that I know I'ma hate.
I gotta walk to work, 15 blocks.
Just start it, I already got a hole in my socks. [I'm in lead now]


Verse Three:

Say, Ooh [Ooh].
Say, Ooh Ooh [Ooh Ooh].
Say, Uptown [Uptown].
Say, Downtown [Downtown].
Wizzo Izzay Izzle, in Da Zouble Dizuch.
Da Zouble Dizuch (Repeat 2x).
Wizzo Izzay Izzle, Da Za Zouble Dizuch.
Da Zouble Dizuch (Repeat 2x) [Now Scream].

Ooh...Ooh...get on the Double Dutch Bus...Double Dutch Bus [Jump on it] (Repeat 3x).

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