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Today Is The Day Dot Matrix Lyrics

Last updated: 09/28/2003 02:07:05 AM

I'm in you,
So hard,
My teeth are numb,
Till I turn,

Virgin lover,
Do what I want,
Please bend over,
Daddy's girl,
Say you mean it,
Your words, no good,
I could kill you,
Play with my cock.

The smile, I cry,
I wear for you,
I can't fly.

Dead heart inside,
My dreams have died,
I hope I score.

No end in sight,
To my fucked up life,
I can't go on.

Diablo... [x4]

I am so lost,
I can't be found,
I need a friend.

This is my life,
I can't be changed.
You can't win.

Diablo... [x4]

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