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Doro Pesch Biography

Last updated: 03/05/2011 11:00:00 AM

June 3, 1964:
DORO PESCH is born in Düsseldorf, Germany.

DORO leaves her band Snakebite to join a young Düsseldorf based Heavy Metal Band called Warlock. The band spend much of the year playing live on German club circuit and build a strong fan base. After doing a demo in late 1983 the band are signed by the independent label MAUSOLEUM and begin writing songs for their debut album. In November Warlock enter a Düsseldorf studio to record their debut album.

In early 1984 Warlock release their debut album called "Burning The Witches" which is a very powerful debut that is well received by critics and fans alike.

Warlock are signed to the major label Phonogram and enter Country Lane studios in Munich with producers Henry Staroste & Rainer Assmann to record their second album. They finish recording in April. In May Warlock release their second album "Hellbound". In late 1985 Warlock part ways with original guitarist and founding member Rudy Graf and replace him with ex-Stormwitch guitarist Niko Arvanitis. The Band release their first home video "Metal Racer" (or "Live from London" as it is known in the US). It is 55 minutes long and contains songs filmed live at the Camden Palace in London on the "Hellbound"-tour. Warlock release a three song EP called "You Hurt My Soul", which contains the tracks "You Hurt My Soul", "Evil" and "Turn It On".

Warlock begin work on their third album with Henry Staroste once again producing. In August they release "True As Steel" to mixed reviews. Warlock are invited to open the prestigious 1986 Castle Donnington "MONSTERS OF ROCK" show in England, making DORO the first female to perform at the event. Warlock produce their first video clip for MTV, for one of the albums standout track, the anthemic "Fight For Rock" Coming off the overall disappointment of the album, Warlock once again make personnel changes, this time parting company with guitarist Peter Szigeti and bass player Frank Rittel. They are replaced with Tommy Bolan (guitar) and Tommy Henriksen (bass). Warlock change Management going from Peter Zimmermann to Alex Grob.

Warlock enter Powerstation Studios in New York City with American producer Joey Balin to begin recording their fourth album. In September Warlock release what many people consider to be their best album - "Triumph And Agony". Warlock produce video clips for the heavy song "ALL WE ARE" and the German ballad "Für Immer".

Warlock come off the road after a triumphant world tour only to make more changes. This time parting ways with drummer Michael Eurich and guitarist Niko Arvanitis and replacing them with guitarist Jon Devin and ex-Rainbow drummer Bobby Rondinelli. DORO and the band enter the studio at the end of the year to record a new record with Joey Balin once again producing. This was to have been the fifth Warlock album, however, after some legal hang ups concerning the Warlock name, the band decided to continue on as DORO thereby making this the first DORO PESCH solo album and marking the beginning of a new chapter in DORO's career.

In February DORO releases her first "official" solo album called "Force Majeure". It is another powerful effort that proves to be a worthy successor to "Triumph and Agony". The band produces to video clips for MTV for "Hard Times" and "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"

In May DORO releases her second solo album titled "Doro". It was recorded at Fortress Recorders in Hollywood and produced by legendary fire breathing KISS bassist GENE SIMMONS. For this record DORO opted to record with many different studio musicians rather than work within the restraints of a band situation. DORO is very excited to work with her idol Simmons. She later says: "It was one of the best experiences I've ever had because I've been a huge KISS fan forever and to work with Gene Simmons was an honor. I learned so much from him." DORO films two video clips: "Unholy Love" filmed on Earth day just outside Yosemite Park (at the same location where PINK FLOYD photographed the inner sleeve of the classic "Wish You Were Here" LP) and "Rare Diamond".

In March a Doro/ Warlock compilation is released called "Rare Diamonds". Featuring a collection of songs from Warlock to her previous solo efforts, the full track listing as follows: "All We Are" "Unholy Love" "Für Immer" "True As Steel" "Beyond The Trees" "East Meets West (live)" "Rare Diamond (live)" "You Hurt My Soul" "Hellbound" "Burning The Witches" "Out Of Control" "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" "Without You". She also releases an accompanying home video in Europe called "Rare Diamonds". It's a compilation of video clips from 1986-1990. In August DORO releases a new album called "True At Heart". Recorded at Digital Recorders in Nashville, Tennessee with mainstream rock producer Barry Beckett this ballads and blues heavy album features a collection of the most personal set of songs that DORO ever has written. She shoots a video clip for "Fall For Me Again".

DORO spends several month touring Germany. DORO sings on a charity song by the "German Rock Project" called "Let Love Conquer The World".

In February DORO releases a new album called "Angels Never Die". Recorded in Ocean Studios in Ocean Gate, New Jersey with producer Jack Ponti, it features a variety of styles ranging from straight ahead melodic hard rock to beautiful ballads. DORO releases a single for "Bad Blood" which features the unreleased track "Children Of The Night", an emotional ballad about runaways. She films a video for "Bad Blood". Incorporating newsclips of racial atrocities throughout the decades that ties in with the anti racism theme of the song, it is a powerful, provoking clip. It is voted best anti racism video at the European MTV awards. DORO also does commercials and public service announcements calling for racial tolerance. DORO also releases a single and films a video for the song "Last Day Of My Life". The single features the unreleased track "Rock Angel". In November DORO releases a live album simply titled "Doro live". It is recorded in Germany on the "Angels Never Die" tour and features 17 songs. A companion home vi

deo is released with it that features two additional songs "The Fortuneteller" and "East Meets West".

In March DORO releases her fifth solo album "Machine II Machine". Once again recorded at Ocean studios in Ocean Gate with producer Jack Ponti, "Machine II Machine" breaks new ground as many of the songs deal with erotic themes. DORO does videos for "Ceremony" and "In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz". DORO's ten year contract with Polygram expires. After several months of negotiations she signs a deal with US Mega Label Warner Brothers. In October DORO releases a new EP titled "Machine II Machine - Electric Club Mixes". It features various remixes from the "Machine II Machine" record plus one new song called "Emotional Suicide". On October 9, DORO begins her "Machine II Machine" tour in Saarbrücken, Germany. DORO makes her acting debut on the German TV program "Verbotene Liebe" (Forbidden Love). A new compilation album is released titled "A Whiter Shade of Pale". It features a collection from her first solo albums.

In March Doro begins work on her Warner Bros. debut.

Some other compilations were released: "WARLOCK Earthshaker Rock" "DORO - Best of" and "DORO - The Ballads". DORO's long awaited new album "Love Me In Black" is released in May and it is well received by critics and fans alike. She films a video for the song "Love Me In Black". After the "Love Me In Black" tour, Doro part with Warner Bros. and signed at SPV Steamhammer. Now she is working on her new album.

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