Dope Lyrics

Edsel Dope, vocals
Simon Dope, keyboard and sampler
Acey Slade, guitar
Virus, guitar
Sloane “Mosey” Jentry, bass
Sketchy Shay, drums

I started out playing drums when I was four. Animal from
the Muppet Show was my hero until I saw Tommy Lee of Motley
Crue,” says Edsel Dope, singer and songwriter for the New
York-based six-piece that shares his surname. Edsel ditched
the drum kit when he was 16, but never lost his love for
Reagan-era hard rock. You can hear its influence on
“Life” (Flip/Epic) - Dope’s sophomore effort co-produced by More...

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Review about Dope songs
Get it right | Reviewer: T'n'T
    ------ About the song You Spin Me Round performed by Dope

Music fans? What a bunch of dopes. The original song was done by Dead or Alive. Do your research. Like most songs, the original is still the best, by far. I think half of the comments about this song were written by fans who are too young to remember the group DOA.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song Always performed by Dope

I actually ain't a big Dope fan, though there alright after all. But 'Always' is such an amazing song, beautiful even. That's why I love Metal; it's still stunning after years of listening to it.
Greets from Germany

Just awesome | Reviewer: Me
    ------ About the song Sing performed by Dope

It was a quite surprise that first review was from India and none of Anerican people wrote the review of this song. This song is just awesome and I don't know the why this band is not famous among Japanese people...None of my friends know even name of this band, so sad :(

Why we should oppose legal dope | Reviewer: chae sone
    ------ About the song People Are People performed by Dope


China sought to restrict illegal British opium trafficking in to China. China lost two opium wars of British invasions; the First Opium War from 1839 to 1842, and the Second Opium War from 1856 to 1860,

China was defeated in both wars leaving the Chinese government having to tolerate the opium trade. Britain forced the Chinese government into signing the Treaty of Nanking and the Treaty of Tianjin, Thus, doped China become miserable addicts' nation, sinking into the street junkies.

China became the opium paradise until the Chairman Mao’s liberation.

Mao communists took over China when there were over 20 million utopian addicts. He had to eliminate to
them to rescue China and turned into today's RED CAPITALISTS. If American dope lovers open up Marijuana, they should push America to trace the old Chinese opium high way. Then America will need a new American Mao to deliver us from the street opium junkies.

To make money, opening dope flea market is to push into the dope dead end street.

To save America, we should to stop potting America in these elections.

Stop potting America! Stop potting America! Stop topping America!

God bless the dope free America!

BOOM | Reviewer: Closer#1
    ------ About the song I'm Back performed by Dope

I just love this fucking awesome song!
I totally agree with nora.
From my point if view, this is a song you can listen to all the time. And especially if u're sad , it includes a lot of anger in the rhythm , freakin' awesome *_*
Of course one of their best songs :)

think so | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song Fuck Tha Police performed by Dope

Think this is the lyrics of them doing it live. There are 2 versions, one released on the Felons and Revolutionaries album, and then a proper studio version on the American Apathy Album.

I think this one, is them doing it live, or someones taken a copy from some R&B twat who also did a song called this. Haven't checked thier lyrics though. The 'Fuck The Police' lyrics are as it is on the albums.

Hello people | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Debonaire performed by Dope

I think he says "ooh" not "wow"
If you say it with emotion it sounds a bit like that :) Mostly i think this because Edsel Dope is an american, He would pronounce "wow" differently. Also I believe "Bonny" could be "Bony" As nowadays thin girls are thought of as pretty ones.

Hmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fuck Tha Police performed by Dope

Did Dope really write this song. I have noticed 2 versions. One called "Fuck The Police", and another called "Fuck Tha Police". Did they just change the song up a bit and add a similar title? Or is this song not by Dope? If you know the answer please respond. Thank you.

not emo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Theres Nothing For Me Here performed by Dope

The lyrics aren't emo at all, the person who wrote this was just telling how they feel about their life and their situation. That doesn't make it emo... this song definitely describes the situation alot of people are in, thats why its such a good song. People can relate to it. Not to mention the sick guitar solo =P

Amazing song | Reviewer: Swati
    ------ About the song Sing performed by Dope

I am surprised that this song doesn't have any reviews yet... Dope is an amazing band and this song is so... liberating. It reflects my feelings about a song and singing precisely. Though this band isn't very popular in India, it definitely will be soon!

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