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Donna Fargo became known to the general public in 1972, when a song she wrote called "Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A." began playing constantly on country, pop, and easy listening radio. The song was followed by the equally popular "Funny Face". Both songs reached gold and platinum status in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Donna became the first woman in country music history to have back-to-back million-selling singles.

These two singles were from the album THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE U.S.A., which stayed on the national BILLBOARD charts and other trades for one year, an extraordinary achievement. Because of consistent radio air play of these records and follow-up hits, such as "Superman," "You Were Always There," "Don't Be Angry," and "U.S.of A.," to name a few, and because of television appearances and extensive press coverage as a result of her record success, her name is familiar to radio listeners, television viewers, and everyone interested in entertainers since the early '70s. Her awards illustrate the longevity of Donna's airplay and some of her national popularity and recognition as a result of her impressive record sales.

Her performance on a show at Carnegie Hall interested the Osmond family enough to produce the syndicated television variety show, "The Donna Fargo Show," which further exposed her name, personality and talent to television viewers during 1978 and 1979. Soon afterwards, she became one of the few women ever to release a recitation record ("That Was Yesterday") and see it hit #1 on radio charts.

In addition to her musical talents, Donna has a book out called TRUST IN YOURSELF, a collection of her thoughts in prose and poetry about listening to your heart and becoming the person you want to be. Her inspirational thoughts are now also available on greeting cards in THE DONNA FARGO COLLECTION through the BLUE MOUNTAIN ARTS Poets and Artists series. She has just finished another book, planned for release soon.

Donna still tours extensively throughout the United States and other countries, with extended engagements at major hotels in Nevada and other resort areas. She still enjoys enthusiastic audiences of all ages and from all walks of life at her dynamic shows. She is always a favorite at fairs, outdoor shows, concerts, and conventions. Her performances remain high energy and engaging in true Donna Fargo style, and her spirit is still powerful and positive.

It was with the show-stopping spirit that she composed "Mighty Shield of Armor," recently released on a compilation disc, a song which stayed #1 on the Christian Country Countdown in the GOSPEL VOICE for 2 consecutive time periods, based on airplay alone.

Donna urges everyone to keep listening to your heart, trusting what you hear, and doing what you believe. Those who know her believe that she still has more dreams to come true, so stay tuned!

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Funny Face | Reviewer: Grandma C. | 3/5/14

I've tried to remember all the "big" ones, but I can't. I enjoyed them all.
I think she was a lovely lady inside and out. She has presented herself as a sweet, kind, thoughtful and even more adjectives. She is missed. Glad to know
she is still performing.

You lit up their life! | Reviewer: Dianne Cogar | 1/5/14

In the early seventies,about the time mom and dad was feeling the "empty nest syndrome" I remember, all so clearly, my mom singing away to several of your songs, especially whenever she needed an emotional lift. both my parents absolutely loved you, and especially your cheerful personality. The one thing that stands out most to me is the fact that,whenever they talked about you to friends and such, they made it a point to say you were a genuine soul, beautiful singer, a true humanitarian, and an all around good person. As for dad, he made mom jealous on occasion mentioning how beautiful you were as well. Understandable! Donna, you ranked the top of the list of " respected and admired" people in my parents lives. Thanks for the memories...and all the joy you gave them!

Tour date at NC State Fair | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/13

I go back a ways with this pretty lady. We were soriety sisters at (then) High Point College. She is/was a very sweet person who never got above her raisin'. When we last crossed paths, it was at the NC State Fair back in '81. She looked up from signing autographs, made eye contact and then screemed: "BECKY!" She remembered me after all those in between years, and we hugged. Don't know if she gets to Raleigh these days, but if she was gonna be coming through there, I'd sure like to see her again. I'm laid up in a nursing facility now, after a debilitating stroke.

Funny face | Reviewer: David Markham. | 7/24/13

I became a very close friend in 1980s.when I was very ill coming of the drug
VALEUM,I use to write and tell her what I was going through,Donna would send me photographs and letters,that I still have from all those years,and years ago.
I very much would love for her to get back with me,in order to give her music air play.,please send me an up to date Signed my address .
David Markham.
76,Alexandra Road,
Great Crosby.
Liverpool.L 23, 7TG.
Great Britain

England. UK

Love You, Donna, Love Your Music | Reviewer: Lamar Montgomery | 4/4/11

Love You Donna and love Your music. always have, always will. Your music touches me deep down inside in every way. Your music and other country music similar to Yours means everything to me. Used to sit on back porch at nite until 3 or 4 A.M. just playing Your music for awhile and then stop and just sit and listen at the whipperwills down in woods back of our old farm house down south of Macon, Ga., until the mood struck me and another song would just well up inside of me as I just sat there listening to the chain on the old porch swing creaking as another one came to mind. Would give anything in world to meet You someday but pretty sure I never will. Funny how I can feel so CLOSE to someone and feel like I have known You all my life and know we will never meet. Wonderful how music can let two people that have never met and never will, have their souls touch anyway, thru their love of that music. Love You, Lamar Montgomery, Reynolds, Ga.31076 | Reviewer: Sharon Davis | 4/1/11

I remember Donna Fargo growing up 1970's. She is a fantastic singer and songwriter. I went to High Point University and graduated not too long ago and noticed she graduated when it was High Point College so we have a real connection. I was just listening to the song "Don't be Angry"--love the song and the music! I wish we had that kind of music today! I wish we have more singers like Donna Fargo today...Thank you for your music Donna Fargo...Sharon

From the Lane County Fair, Eugene, Oregon-1975 | Reviewer: kathy pataky | 3/17/10

My twin and I were 10 yrs. old and couldn't reach the stage so we got on each other's shoulders for her autograph... 36 years later, her music means more to me than when I was younger. So much truth to the lyrics, heart and soul...Kathy
Is it possible to reach her personally via e-mail? I have a song that I wrote 25 years ago and it has reached a few folks. It's titled, "Oh Lord, Please Don't Doubt Me"... I hope I'm not just a number with you guys and I thank you for your time...

remember donna | Reviewer: terri christian | 5/31/09

i remember hearing donna fargo when i was growing up, loved funny face and happiest girl in the usa.
wished she would have more music out there!!!!!

all in all i liked her then and nothing has changed

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