Donell Jones Lyrics

You were first introduced to Donell Jones through his
creative talents with a pen. Responsible for labelmate
Usher's top ten single "Think Of You" amongst other songs
written and/or produced for artists such as Madonna,
Brownstone, Silk and Jade, Donell expressed his exceptional
talent and love for music behind the scenes. In 1996 LaFace
Records and Untouchables Entertainment introduces you to
the soulful flavor of Donell Jones- the artist.

Not your typical singer, Donell talks in a quiet voice, and
his music is reflection of the More...

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Review about Donell Jones songs
i you love someone | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song When You Love Someone performed by Donell Jones

This song is all about me I have got engaged 1 year ago and we spent a lot of time now we dont see each other that much he is all ways doing something have no time for me anymore a whole year wasted and it hurt vary much

I love this song but can't hear it right now | Reviewer: Jaclyn B
    ------ About the song When You Love Someone performed by Donell Jones

My boyfriend is putting me in the same situation as the song. I can't take it anymore. Two years wasted and after talks about having our own family and kids i go on vacation for four days (I invited him to go as well; he declined but said that he would go on the next one). I came back and he met someone while i was on vacation. He claims that he feels terrible and does not know "where he wants to be" but lately he calls much less, makes promises he can't keep, and continues to break my heart. He was supposed to come over last night but kept putting it off. In my heart I know that he went to see her because we were talking about an Apple app device to track people and he became weird. He started asking me if I knew where he was then hesitated before speaking again. I am very hurt; don't want to let go but what else can I do. I can't force him to be with me. (We both have our own apartments but he used to spend all of his time over here; vice versa.

decisions | Reviewer: takeda
    ------ About the song When You Love Someone performed by Donell Jones

I am all in this song..been married for 25 years, I still him and the kids, but they wore me out. I had to go..finally starting to regroup. Yes, my husband to a good man and kids will be kids but for now I am out until I find me again. PEACE

D Jones Gits Me Everytime...! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cry performed by Donell Jones

The lyrics of this song made me STOP what I was doing, & find them! I have never been surprised with this mans' ability to make me FEEL, but this song touched me right in mt heart. I felt my eyes water, and even listening to it on repeat, its making me EMOTIONAL. September Love does me the same way, but his FOCUS in this particular song is broad, speaks right into our culture, illustrates how easy it is to make a HUSTLE or a HABIT the cause of your life, or death.

"Get back in church, study the word". Preach it Donell, I hear you. I will try not to cry, but these pains you sing about are so true....

Donnell rocks | Reviewer: Jenipher ambani
    ------ About the song I'm Gonna Be performed by Donell Jones

I will never grow weary of this song and Donnell.i like it!its hard to get his cd's back here in africa just stuck with what they play in the local radio stations and they dont play it oftenly.the song is so amazing it hurts!

Where I Wanna Be | Reviewer: Bianca
    ------ About the song Where I Wanna Be performed by Donell Jones

Say when you love someone You just dont treat them bad. Oh, how I feel so sad. Now that I wanna leave. She's crying her heart to me. How Could you let this be? I just need time to see. Where I wanna be.

*Repeat Chorus x2*

Wonderful song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm Gonna Be performed by Donell Jones

I Love Donnell Jones, but this is my first time hearing this song. My significant other recommended
I hear it. It's so nice to see a young artist with his look & style sing about more than just sex. Instead talking about Love/Future together with someone he Loves. Coo-toes to "Donnell Jones"

ei | Reviewer: jhimdaryll
    ------ About the song Knocks Me Off My Feet performed by Donell Jones

i reaally love this song cause everytime i heared this song i remember my boy hes name is angelo i reallly love him so much,honestly,

ammm hon i really miz you take care wherever you are i love you so much

when you love someone | Reviewer: amy
    ------ About the song When You Love Someone performed by Donell Jones

this song has managed to help me through so much so just really let your heart hear lyrics not your ears

Great song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm Gonna Be performed by Donell Jones

I love this song. It should play more often on the radio. It's full of meaning and has a great beat.

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