Donell Jones Albums

  • Forever Album (7/9/2013)
    New Beginning
    Closer I Get To You
    Don't Blame Me
    You Know
    I Miss The King
    Sorry I Hurt You
    Ride This
    Step The Fuck Off
    I'm So Gone
    A Mother's Love

  • Lyrics Album (9/28/2010)
    The World Is Yours
    Your Place
    Love Like This
    Imagine That
    Back Door
    All About The Sex
    What's Next
    You Can Burn
    The Finer Things In Life
    Just A Little
    Oh How I Wonder

  • Journey Of A Gemini Album (2/28/2006)
    Special Girl
    Better Start Talking
    I'm Gonna Be
    My Apology
    Spend The Night
    Portrait Of A Woman
    Ooh Na Na
    Feelin' You
    Can't Wait
    Lust Or Love
    If You Want
    Cuttin' Me Off
    Another Life
    I'm Gonna Be (Remix)
    Hands On You
    Apple Pie

  • Life Goes On Album (6/4/2002)
    Put Me Down
    You Know That I Love You
    Where You Are (Is Where I Wanna Be) Part 2
    Do You Wanna
    Life Goes On
    Freakin' You
    Gotta Get Her (Outta My Head)
    Guilty By Suspicion
    Don't Leave
    Come Back
    I Hope It's You

  • Where I Wanna Be Album (6/15/1999)
  • My Heart Album (4/1/1996)

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    Reviews about Donell Jones albums

    Journey of a Gemini | Reviewer: nthabiseng
        ------ About the album Journey Of A Gemini performed by Donell Jones

    Love love the music, everything, the lyrics, melody,Donell's voice and the cover. I might get an i pod for Xmas as a present and I'm getting this album. It is really sad that the industry is change, I do not like what hear what they sing about these days. Please keep doing what you know is good, we need more music like this, love and inspiration.

    Take good care of yourself and you are a handsome man and there's always going to be people trying to destroy that and your music. Stay focused and pray.

    May God bless your heart.


    love your music | Reviewer: verita bumper
        ------ About the album Journey Of A Gemini performed by Donell Jones

    i love all donells music from my heart to life goes on . the journey of a gemini loved it. it was so song is ooh na na. thats my song. but i love the whole cd.hope your gonna do another cd soon.

    Donell is the man! | Reviewer: Catty Nhamo
        ------ About the album Journey Of A Gemini performed by Donell Jones

    Donell has redefined the meaning of the word Romantic. His sentual voice just takes you to cloud 9. I have bought every single album but Journey of a Gemini is one of my favourites and i rate it 10 out of 10. My favourite song on the album is portrait of a woman but i love all the other songs! Well done Donell. You are my fantasy!

    D.J. Beautiful!!! | Reviewer: christina craig
        ------ About the album Journey Of A Gemini performed by Donell Jones

    I don’t even know where to start. I’ve always liked D.J. since U know whats up- but honestly I’ve never went out and bought the album. I knew he was a talented artist but REALLY, I had no idea! A friend of mine passed this cd along to me and told me it was tight. I was like yeh I like Donnell but whateva. Ya’ll I popped this cd in one night just for kicks as I was getting ready to take a bubble bath- and I was hooked ever since-Just PRESS PLAY and that’s it. I was truly amazed on how much I loved this cd. I’ve always been a fan of Jaheim- but Donnell has been added to my list. Very talented and the cd is the bomb- my favorite song? How can a woman choose- Keep doing your thang Mr. D.J and best of luck in the future- you got it going on Babe

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