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Z-Ro Don’t Worry About Mine (feat. Big Pokey) Lyrics

Last updated: 09/19/2011 11:00:00 AM

[Big Pokey talkin’:]
Yeah, crock bull & the Crooked
Big E on the track. You know what I’m sayin’?
That’s all I’m sayin’ (It’s a Big E beat)
Yeah, just doin’ my thing though. You know what I’m sayin’?
S.U.C. in here, yeah aight what.

Don’t Worry About Mine, worry about yours. [x8]

[Big Pokey:]
Say me, I’m just doin’ my thing though
Crocks on, wife be the linen lookin’ good in my Kango
.45 on the hip, you know how this game go
The outside’s jelly but the inside’s mango
Don’t watch me watch your weight if your hatin’
I got enough ammo to body rock the state
Don’t worry about me mayne, I got that covered
And the block is like pork chops, I got that smothered
When my kush is tastin’ like & these bricks I run
But what you can do is stay up out my mix that come
Crock bull count cash on the regular homey
Even when I’m hittin’ corners on the cellular homey
Get your mind off me & get it on your money
’Cause I’m a ball & parlay when it’s gray or sunny
I’m the real deal, you niggas funny bunny
Fake ass niggas ’feit like they funny money.

Don’t Worry About Mine, worry about yours. [x8]

Too many problems on my mind
Livin’ shife is startin’ to be a full time grind
I’m just tryin’ to live my life
And when I die, I hope I see Jesus Christ.
Fuck people ’cause all these people don’t treat me right
They say they love me, but they shoot me right between my eyes
Bitch if you ain’t screwed up lace your shoes up
We stationary like a statue that you can’t move up
I’m 87-32 better known as a Hoover
Mind your business my nigga, I’ll run my fist all the way through ya
Fuck around & kill one of these nosy ass niggas & bitches if they make me
’Cause they can smell it in Sunnyside, when I pass gas in Katy
Y’all ain’t write none of my songs, so why in the fuck is y’all on stage with me?
And when I get a retrial & start back blazin’ y’all can’t blaze with me
They on the dick of Joseph McVey
So focused on me
They can’t do what they need to do for them through they day & it’s fucked up.

Don’t Worry About Mine, worry about yours. [x8]

I never had love for a bitch, I’m about my money
Too many years, I done paid the price
You must be smokin’ if you think I’m a make you my wife
And I never had love for a nigga, I’m about my money
Even if they murder me I ain’t goin’ nowhere
Turn up the volume to the radio, I’ll be right there
I’m not worried about you
I’m just worried about me
I’m not worried about you
I’m just worried about me, hey.

Don’t Worry About Mine, worry about yours. [x13]

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