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Atomic Kitten Don't You Know Lyrics

Last updated: 10/28/2003 09:01:47 PM

(Don't you know, Don't you know, Don't you know,)

Don't you know
I don't wanna be alone
But I don't wanna be in love
No I don't wanna be a fool for you
Don't you know
I don't wanna hear you say
Yours has gotta be the way
You only do the things you want to do

All my days and all my nights
I sit up pouring is this right
Will you only take me for what you want
When you whisper in my ear
You make my problems disappear
Sometimes I don't know
Where you're coming from
I feel my senses turn around
I can't believe the love I've found
Then I ask myself can this be wrong


Somethings you just can't control
Thre's no way of letting go
You could let me down it only takes time
Things I may live to regret
Wishing that we'd never met
Hard to see my way but love's so blind
Oh my head is spinning round
Can't believe this feeling now
I wish I knew what's going on in my mind


If you want what I want
But I see what you don't
We need some understanding
You gotta let me know
If I want what you want
And you see what I don't
Don't try and be demanding
You've gotta take it slow

Yeah Yeah Yeah

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