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Young Dro Don't Yall Know Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2009 10:00:00 AM

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I don't know yall
i don't fuck wit yall

Yhea cuz im a big dog

(young Dro)
i dnt no yhall i dnt fuck wit yhall
rims double tall yhalls double small
inside a nigga closet like a double mall
1 side polo other side ball
louis this(pow)
gucci that(pow)
cool shit(pow)
im doint dhat(pow)
ridin tall eryday
smokin all out
you'll see me wen
my diamonds hit dha dam crowd
in dha ocean
swimmin wit dha dam sharks
wen u see dha masser boy
u betta dam park
offset rims
dont test him
i dont kno yall
i dont fuck wit dem

{vere2-young dro}
i dont kno dem
simon says rims
simon says stop
thay still rollin{dam}
dem davin
we aint crabbin
catch me in tha A.T.L.
im still labbin
i tear tha mall down
yall talkin stuff
boy i got tha same money
build 'em all up
im pradad all up
im gucci all down
polo how it is
wat tha fuck now
black boy white boy
dats wats up now
weed incredible green
like tha hulk now black boy white boy
dats wats up now
weed incredible green
like tha hulk now


{verse3-yung l.a.}
im a b.i.g d.o.g
catch me in tha maserati
blowin on trees
probly in tha old school
sittin on 3's
pockets probly double whopper
extra bacon cheese
probly in tha escalade
ridin 31's
probly got dha 9 on me
an my extra gun
probly be in summerhill
coolin on a 8
strong pack kush
i probly do a zip a day
everything ima do
ima do it good
catch me in tha nite lite
chilln in tha hood
ima do wat i do
cuz ima big dog
an i dont kno them
i dont fuck wit yall

:Thanks to Alexis Mr.A.V.A.~ A.V.A. industries bitches!

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