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Waylon Jennings Don't Waste Your Time Lyrics

Last updated: 02/06/2004 10:30:34 PM

(Don't look for me I must go don't waste your time I must go)
Don't look for me don't waste your time I'll find another that's more my kind
I'll find my happiness on further down the line
Don't look for me don't waste your time (I must go I must go)

It's over now I must be on my way there's nothing here for me so I can't stay
You tried to be what I wanted you to be it's over now you're not the one for me
Don't look for me...

Love me once more and then forget my name for when I go I won't be back again
The sun will set I won't stay with you till dawn then I must go I linger much too long
Don't look for me...
Don't look for me...