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The sky glows
I see it shining when my eyes close
I hear your warnings but we both know
I'm gonna look at it again

Don't wait, Don't wait
The road is now a sudden sea
And suddenly, you're deep enough
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down

You get one look
I'll show you something that the knife took.
A bit to early for my own good
Now let's not speak of it again

Don't wait, Don't wait
The road is now a sudden sea
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And suddenly, you're deep enough
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down
To lay your armor down

Don't wait, Don't wait
The lights will flash and fade away
The days will pass you by
Don't wait
To lay your armor down [x5]

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:) | Reviewer: Jennie | 4/15/11

this album and especially this song remind me of my trip to hawaii when my boyfriend of more than a year now first started texting me :) it makes me so happy to listen to every time and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Dashboard #1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/09

I love dashboard, and have done so for years. Hands down is like my favorite song for 1 reason. I have listened to it for over 3 years, and i mean like sometimes 8 hours on a solo repeat. I have easily heard the song 10,000 times, and i still love it as much today as i did the first time i heard it. There is no other song i can listen too like that and still love it afterwords, and thats why hands down is my favorite song.
This song, i sent to this girl, who i really like. She came out of a relationship about a year ago, and she has a lot of armor up. I'm hoping this song helps as i really like her.

Anyway enough sad crap, Dashboard Are Brilliant, and musical genius

Amazing | Reviewer: Poopy | 1/14/08

It amazes me how short sighted people are. When someone posts how they dotn like the song, then people write back saying "go listen to some screaming shit" and get all defensive. Dont you see the irony? Ahh. I love this song. It means something different to me every time I listen to it and depending on what mood I'm in. But dont dismiss "screaming emo shit" because it has just as much feeling and thought as anything else, and much more than some. Just directed differently.

love dashboard confessional! | Reviewer: charlotte | 12/11/07

i have only just heard of dashboard i heard them live the other day as a suport band and i think they are amazin!this song is so meaningful! and what is the point in arguin what type of music it is. if u dont like it dont comment!

wtF? | Reviewer: deynita | 11/27/07

f*ck y'all!!!! just listen & dont argue! screw urself! ;) music are not for debating! music is about feeling and emotion.. sometimes it can make u happy or sad, for the people who dont like this type of song.. DO NOT GIVE ANY COMMENT!! OKAY??? ;) hehehe f*ck uuuu..

...loooooooooooove this is ROCK!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

so i just started to listen to dashboard and i must say that i totally love this song!!!!!!
it's toooooooooo goooood! it speaks about love,about walls we all built around our hearts...and that we need to find some coruage to let LOVE in our LIVES...this is my favourite song from them...and hands down of course...

p.s.sry ppl for any mistakes...english isn't my first language...

genius... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/07

utter utter utter utter genius, not been this moved by any track by any band since, god knows.! codc! (come on dashboard confessional)

Wow People... | Reviewer: lucy | 9/20/07

WOW People. Is this how cruel you are? The song isn't Emo, It makes sence. Maybe the knfe part, but all they are trying to do is rekindle Love. And you pathedic people are calling it stupid crap. Really, Get real.

Ignorance! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

Just because you don't like a certain style of music doesn't make it bad! I like all types of music, so calm down everybody! "those rock, screaming nonsense!" This is a bullshit statement, I like hardcore screaming nonsense! I don't usually like emo crap, but I can appreciate it and I like some of it. Grow up.

phillipines | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/07

this band is more rock drama!
people here in phils like most
this type of song-peace yall
dashboards long live!!!
quit on non sense screaming emos
wahahahahaha there all loosers and
no originalities

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