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Gabriella Cilmi Don't Tell Me Lyrics

Last updated: 01/20/2010 10:00:00 AM

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They said,
shes a young and shines thigs way to loud,
she'll be five for five run with the crowd, got me thinking whats this all about

if they'd ask they'd lie, your much to proud,
ya gotta toe the line run with the crowd but what they're trying to say is just as loud

when I stood up tall they cut me down,
pray for me to fall, push me around,
gotta speak my mind, yeh, scream and shout,

ohhh, Don't tell me,
what to do, where to go or what is real,
Don't tell me, who to be, what to think or how to feel,
gotta rise to make a stand,
i gotta fight for who i am,
I won't run or hide, this is me in time,
Don't tell me

Kiss my face goodbye ain't no more doubt,
ain't no need to hide what im all about,
Got me shining, no matter what they say,
you don't like that fine, well thats your choice,
gotta speak my mind, i got a voice,
did you not hear me when i said,

When i stood up tall they cut me down,
pray for me to fall, push me around, gotta speak my mind yeh, scream and shout


Oh, you may fake and you may lie,
to get you where you can,
oh not the change oh no not i,
beat you, to who i am,
You can take, what you like, won't make no
difference now,
Im gonna tell you one last time, im gonna
scream and shout! scream and shout!


don't tell me,
im not listening anymore, no,
don't tell me,
kiss my face goodbye,
dont tell me,
oh what to do, or where to go, or what is real,
don't tell me,
a nananana nooooooo

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