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Erasure Don't Suppose Lyrics

Last updated: 09/27/2000 12:03:49 AM


i don't suppose it's gonna do any good
if i sit down and write you a letter
you made it plain and i guess i understood
there's no way that things can get better

i was never so wrong
i thought we would go on forever
always together
now it's hard to believe you would walk out
and leave me crying
feel like i'm dying

dream maker, heart breaker
i would do anything you say
dream maker, heart breaker
you could take everything away

i've never felt like i feel lonely tonight
like a river so deep filled with sorrow
i won't be sleeping i won't turn out the light
i've got heartache enough for tomorrow
and i know i should learn
but wherever i turn you find me
always remind me

dream maker, heart breaker...(chorus)

and i want you to know
that it's hurting me so inside me
need you beside me

dream maker, heart breaker...(repeat till fade)