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George Jones Don't Send Me No Angels Lyrics

Last updated: 04/26/2013 01:14:20 PM

Written by C.W. Kemp (?)

When the storm clouds gather and I'm losing my mind
She stands right beside me she lights up my day
She's the one thing I found in a world that's gone wrong
She's the words and the music to the world's finest song

Lord let me keep her at least for a while
I promise I'll love her 'till I've walked my last mile
When your trumpets are sounding and you've played my song
Don't send me no angels 'cause I've got my own

She stayed with me thru the hard times that's still goin' on
That old feeling between us it's still comming on strong
When my eyes close forever and my last breath is gone
Don't send me no angels 'cause I've got my own

(Repeat chorus)

Don't send me no angels 'cause I've got my own

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C.W. Kemp did not write this song... | Reviewer: Silver Landin | 4/26/13

This song was originally written by a man named James Eston O'Sullivan and was given to George Jones when they met in Charlotte North Carloina in the 1980's . James Osullivan passed away in 1989 of Leukemia and George Jones kept his promise, releasing a slightly altered version of the original song a couple years later. I remember how his son cried when we heard the song sang by George Jones for the first time and the joy we felt in our hearts that he kept his promise. We still have the guitar, photos, articles stating a song written by Mr. O'Sullivan was given to Mr. jones that day. I only wish we had the wine colored rose given to Mr. O'Sullivan by George Jones.