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Lake Street Dive Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand Lyrics

Last updated: 04/08/2014 06:30:42 AM

Why won’t you let me love you in the best way I know?
We won’t go out to dinner and we won’t see a show.
You’ll know just how I love you when I got you alone.
Baby it’s true I’m in love, but I’m too shy.

People are voyeurs darling, one thing on their minds
I hear their whispers, darling, and I feel their eyes
staring at our affection in a way most unkind

Baby don’t mistake me
I’m in love, but please don’t make me
oh, now baby please
Don’t make me hold your hand; you don’t seem to understand how it makes me feel
when people stop and stare

I swear, their are other ways to show it, baby please
Don’t make me hold your hand; there are few things i demand of you
it’s the one thing I won’t do
so don’t make me hold you hand
Why won’t you let me love you where we’ll never be found
‘way on some distant island or a hole in the ground
no one will see our lovin’ and they won’t hear a sound

Baby I can’t show it
I’m in love but no one knows it

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