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No For An Answer Don't Look Away Lyrics

Last updated: 07/19/2003 02:51:57 AM

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A disease, a sickness, a real cause of pain,
And though you are stricken, you claim there's no change,
The effects, the damage, are easy to see,
Don't lie to yourself, please listen to me...
Don't look the other way!

Heightened awareness that lasts only hours,
Is just an illusion of real strength and power,
But Oh! how you'll miss it when the drugs start to fade,
I tell you, you'll need more with each passing day,

Don't look the other way!

Heed the warning, listen to me,
Of course when it started it was casual and free,
But acquiring a taste spells addiction to me,
It's safest, it's smartest to live poison free.

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