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Fart stinks like a mother fucker
Agony is the price
That you'll pay in the end
Domination consumes you
Then calls you a friend
It's a twisted fall
Binds are like steel
And manipulates the will to be
And it's hard to see
How soon we forget
When there's nothing else
Left to destroy
It's a useless ploy

Your eyes will see
The dawn of the day
And the writing
On the wall
Those words that stare
Into your soul
And to yourself
You will befall

It's domination pushed into living hell
A now blacked heart
Is reached out divinity
Body suspended by chains over razors
And nails it's a penalty
Each razor a vice and each nail
Marks the demise of your life
Grim construction grows
Has life played a trick
Sealed you in brick by brick
Till your end forcing you to bend

Your eyes will see
The dawn of the day
And the writing
On the wall
Those words that stare
Into your soul
And to yourself
You will befall

It's domination pushed into living hell

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oh | Reviewer: Quitcher Bitchin | 6/17/14

How old are you all, about 13??........... I'm reading all this, and what I see is "Waahhh! waahhh! waaahh!" it's like a hospital nursery in here. I'm sure Dime's LHFAO.

P.S. Pantera means Panther in Spanish. Nobody thought to Google it? Ffs. ::smh::

just ignore that faggot | Reviewer: sylvesterPantera | 10/3/13

Dimebag is the reason why i started loving shredding. And pantera is the best band i have ever heard .... i like it more than megadeth. Darrell lance abbott was guitar god . So nobody gives a fuck to your opinion because im sure you listen to fags like justin beiber. Pantera always ruled. Dimebag is a legend. Riley im sure you cant even play one riff by pantera but learn to respect the hard work of musicians especially dimebag.

Who the fuck is Riley what the hell MCR | Reviewer: UpNorth u fucks | 3/19/13

Listen douches no one cares what some lil fuck said about Pantera, he's a young lil whiny bitch making you'll flinch about her words your reading on your fucking monitors in some random place, anyways who the fuck cares. MCR???? Are they a new metal band who got some young punk laid because the bitch was drunk i dunno, and I dont give a fuck, Pantera is and will always be a bad ass mutha fucking band that filled in the void, Dave Mustaine left when he got booted outta Metallica and shut up Master and Justice kicked ass too, but Listen to Kill em all the album that made us all wanna jump in the fire, all written by Dave not Kirk, althought hes got my respect listen too To live is too die fucking beautiful. So fuck some bitch names Riley and some douche of a band or group called MCR, I can't fucking believed I even took the time to type this shit

Correct Opening Sentence | Reviewer: Tyler | 3/13/13

The correct opening sentence is "First take like a motherfucker." This is one of Pantera's fastest, heaviest and most powerful songs and it's sooo obvious that Phil wanted the band to record this in one take. They were a well rehearsed band and you can tell this song was done in one take with very minimal editing or overdubbing, if any. Pantera was sooo good that they recorded a lot of stuff in one or two takes. Just listen to the music. You can tell the difference between a one or two take on a song and one that has been edited and overdubbed and fancied up to sound better.

R.I.P. DIAMOND DARREL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/13

IT IS DIAMOND DARREL NOT DIMEBAG DARREL!!!!!! And it FART STINKS LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER because it was my dads friend who farted and Phil smelt it so Phil took the microphone and hit both my dad and my dads friend on the head!!!!!!!!

Riley is a cunt ass bitch. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/11

I bet this Riley fag is like a 5' 1" piece if shot who still lives in his mommy's basement and has never been laid. I hope he knows that pantera fans are brutal as fuck when you say their idols suck. We're comin for you Riley. We're the cowboys from hell

rileys a fudge packer | Reviewer: joey | 10/3/11

Fuck you riley i hope your Mom fucking dies and if she's already dead i hope this brings back some really bad memories for you
How dare you compare pantera to mcr you peice of shit
I hope you get raped up the ass sometime in the near future

Who is this Riley? | Reviewer: Zakk Evans | 8/2/11

Basically, PanterA sings about destruction, not fitting in, lawsuits, fights, and other generally evil shit. The most evil about MCR was The Black Parade, and yes PanterA fans, I do like MCR, but only their older stuff, now they're pop-punk band sell-outs, and I hate it. So Riley, don't compare this pure talent to the shitty nonsensical lyrics and cheesy guitar riffs of MCR. Thank you and Goodbye.

the same thing my asshole | Reviewer: Metal up emo's ass! | 7/28/11

MCR sings about how unfair it all is pantera is about dominance destruction and pot! if you wanna grab a razor and some nails don't listen for that violin cuz all we want is 5 minutes alone after a few black tooth grin shots now thats what pantera is all about

riley needs to wake his ass up | Reviewer: ill remain anonymous | 6/18/11

you obviously don't know talent when you see or hear it. Dimebag is physically dead but will always live on but MCR will fade away like all the other one hit wonder girlie boy bands. look between your legs tonight and see if both ur testies dropped cuz dude if you gave enough info out about urself trust me hell would be knocking on ur door in no time. In closing its time to evolve from the lil boy u are into the man u obviously aren't.
P.S - your spelling and grammar is that of a 2 y/o
good luck in life pussbag

Riley, what a fucking genius you are..... | Reviewer: Anonymous's brother | 6/12/11

Good thing you get your shitty comment on the lyrics of one of the best songs of Pantera......
......Even better you compared Pantera with MCR. Have you ever thought about camparing Iron Maiden and Jonas Brothers? Guess you did... as you thought about this fucking comparison.
Who the fuck would agree with you? I know you were expecting somebody to agree with you.... A partner for going against what is good, you stupid badass

Sarah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/11

Okay I'm sorry.. PanterA is the greatest Heavy Metal band there is and always will be. First off, to all you trying to say that MCR is bad, it may be in OUR opinion, but stop complaining! Everyone likes their own music. Second, if you're goning to attempt proving someone wrong, use proper grammar and spell things the right way. It isn't genera. It's genre. It isn't riseing. It's rising.

R.I.P Dimebag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/11

How can any PanterA fan have a "favorite" song?! Seriously?! I don't care who you might be, but seriously?! Anyone, and I mean anyone, who listens to PanterA and who actually listens to them should have all their songs be their favorite.

OPENING SENTENCE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/11

at the very beginning he says "first take like a mother fucker" because when they recorded it in the studio phill wanted them to nail the first take.. i heard it from the man himself its not my opinion

First few words | Reviewer: Chandler | 2/26/11

I've slowed this song down enough to hear the opening lines and its actually "FART STINKS LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER!" litsen really close. besides you can also find out what it say on yahoo answers or something and alot of other people claim thats its what i said

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