Dogstar Lyrics

Bret Domrose - vocals, guitar
Keanu Reeves - bass
Rob Mailhouse - drums

Ask singer and guitar player Bret Domrose what it was like
for Dogstar to record Happy Ending, the Los Angeles-based
rock band's debut U.S. album, and he thinks for a few
moments and, in a moment of absolute understatement,

"Well, I will say this. It was a long process, but it's
finally done."

A long process? How about a grueling test of a young band's
commitment to succeed, and to make great music together,
while up against the longest of odds?

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Review about Dogstar songs
your soul | Reviewer: J123
    ------ About the song Our Little Visionary performed by Dogstar

I dunno if you have a "torturted soul" whom ever penned this song-maybe its that little voice inside your head that says "you cant do anything right" careful it can lead you down the path to many vices.

Whoa! | Reviewer: J123
    ------ About the song No Matter What performed by Dogstar

Totally awesome u dudes covering thiis tune & superstar! i heard the 411 seems bret,rob & keanu known collectively as "dogstar" are at this minute working on an offical website-super duper-whoa!!

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