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Don't you dare speak for someone you don't know.
They'll feel it in the back of their throat.
We know I can't construct a poem
Cause words like girls get bored and run
C'est la vie, I say "I've got so many better things"
I've got nothing, you should see me,
I smoke myself to sleep.

And blame postmodern things I can't relate,
Like summer camp and coastal states.
Like alcohol and coffee beans.
Dance floors and magazines.
I think its safe to say I've only got myself to blame
But boys in swooping haircuts are bringing me down,
Taking pictures of themselves.

And so I walk the web in search of love,
But always seem to end up stuck.
I'm finding flaws in everyone.
I've reached the point where all I want,
Is to sleep around in hopes that I will catch back up.
We are parallel lines we’re running in circles,
We're never meant to cross.

I'm at a loss, you were my tangerine,
My pussycat, my trampoline.
Now alls I get are wincing cheeks,
And dog problems, I signed a lease.
Thinking my heart belonged at 93rd and park.
Instead I broke a girl’s heart,
And flew back to Phoenix to finish the year as it started.

Can you hear me?
Are you listening?
This is the sound of my heart breaking.
And I hope it's entertaining,
Cause for me it’s a bitch.
Was it worth it?
When you slept with him?
Did you get it all out of your system?

I am a man
Holding it all
I couldn’t breath
Coming across
I didn’t know
I couldn’t give up

B is for believing you'd always be here for me.
E is for everything, even when we see it through.
C, c is for seeing through you, you are a fake, which brings me to
A because, because, you always run away.

I never finish phrases, I misspell.
Open arms are prison cells.
When I said, "I hate what I've become"
I lied, I hated who I was.
So when you start to wonder 'bout the pain in my throat,
Then don't you ever, no never, ever, speak for someone you don't know.

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Just Saying | Reviewer: NateRuessFan | 12/8/10

I found this in a review of the album:
"At one point, Ruess begins to spell, cheerleader style, and gets as far as B-E-C-C-A before he realises that he’s spelling ‘because’ wrong and his thoughts have slipped back onto his presumed ex-girlfriend."
This combines BECCA, Because, and the lyric "I never finish phrases I mispell"
Also, in the Dear Nate section he denied the reference to Becca but in an earlier post where he was asked who Becca was he replied it was someone who he loved.

whoa! | Reviewer: Skye | 11/6/08

zomg! i love the format more than the world :] my sister saw them, and got BACKSTAGE PASSES! and she like met them. and like HUNG OUT WITH THEM! she has a billion pictures, she got home and i was SOOO JEALOUS!

love! | Reviewer: julia | 11/6/08

im pretty sure that it doesnt have to do with becca. he prob put that extra c in because it sounds good, and it goes with the lyrics. and all of you that just like dog problems, check out the rest of the album, and the others too. im bummed they're done making music =/

sweet jesus. | Reviewer: erica :DD | 8/18/08

these are the best song lyrics i've heard in a very long time. incredibly captivating. i think it is becca also, thought he might deny it. as a songwriter, i deny when things are about certainly people as well. but i'm completely in love with nate ruess. he's fanatsical. <3

the format | Reviewer: Vicky | 3/10/08

the double "c" is a good point. that started to make me think it really is "becca" he's trying to say... and the way the songs sounds, it sounds like it should be a musical song! lol it's all jazzy sounding... i love ittt!!!

Uhhh, nope. | Reviewer: Kendra | 12/4/07

So, the first and last lines are right. It's "don't speak for someone you don't know". He is saying he thought he knew her, but he didn't really. And once he stopped trying to convince himself that she didn't really did sleep with him, and like the other guy, he saw what a fake and waste of time she was. He was speaking for her because he thought he knew her really well, he thought he knew what she stood for, ect. , but then he relized he didn't know her at all. So he is warning people to accept things, and that sometimes you don't know someone no matter how much you think you do.

Nope | Reviewer: Jackie Freeman | 9/25/07

I really think that he's just beginning to spell 'because', seeing as the next line in the song is "I never finish phrases I misspell"

Becca | Reviewer: Page | 9/20/07

I think it is Becca, also ... he even says the letter C twice! ofcourse he would deny it in an interview :P

I think this song is about becca? | Reviewer: Wes Who? | 9/17/07

One time I saw a friend of mine and he was telling me about how one time he sat THE FORMAT(!!!) in concert and he said it was the best show in the world he's ever seen and it was better then u2!

The First and Last lines are wrong! | Reviewer: Katrina | 8/14/07

"Don't you dare speak for someone you don't know."
Its not that it is dont you dare sleep with someone you don't know! It makes more sense in the song then speak! Thats just a thought I had...

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