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Her name is Dominique Rijpma van Hulst but she travels as
Do. Rhymes with "go", which is what she’s been doing all
her 22 years. Here’s a suburban Dutch vignette from
Eindhoven in the mid-80s: Do’s parents are playing tennis
while she sits court-side under her Walkman singing along
with Tina Turner’s Private Dancer. She is four.

Let’s consider genetic heritage for a second. Do’s aimed
her at…tennis! Musical grandmothers and guitar-playing
uncles aside - and as much as she loved singing Tina,
Stevie or anything else with a little More...

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Love, loss & the time to let go... | Reviewer: Emma Kennedy
    ------ About the song The Day You Went Away performed by Do

I don't know who the band "Do" is, but this song was originally sung by Australian singer Wendy Matthews, who released this song in 1992 on her album Lily [through RooArt Records (which later became Mushroom Records)].

This is an amazing song of love and loss, and poses the question, "can you love someone enough to let them go?"

This song resonates with me personally, and has touched many people even now and I love it!

If you want to know more about Wendy Matthews:

I'd love to know what the "Do" version sounds like!

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