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Do you remember when we first met?
I sure do
It was some time
In early September
You were lazy about it
You made me wait around
I was so crazy about you
I didn't mind
So I was late for class
I locked my bike to yours
It wasn't hard to find
You painted flowers on
Guess that I was afraid
That if you rode away
You might not roll back
My direction real soon
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Well I was crazy about you then
And now the craziest thing of all
Over 10 years have gone by
And you're still mine
We're locked in time
Let's rewind

Do you remember
When we first moved in together?
The piano took up the living room
You'd play me boogie woogie
I played you love songs
You'd say we're playing house
Now you still say we are
We built our get away
Up in a tree we found
We felt so far away
Though we were still in town
Now I remember watching
That old tree burn down
I took a picture that
I don't like to look at

Well all these times
They come and go
Alone don't seem so long
Over 10 years have gone by
We can't rewind
We're locked in time
But you're still mine

Do you remember?

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now over 10 months has gone by | Reviewer: 2231 | 3/13/14

I sure remember when we first met, I remember all the good times we had, every time I listen to this song, but it also makes me remember when we broke up and how many times you told me you loved me, and I believed you, I listened to this song over and over then showed it to you, and we've been together almost a year! I love you for ever :)

voice to text | Reviewer: 19derek89 | 1/14/12

this song is basically how me and my ex met. this was our song. and lately shes been having a hard time. so i sang this to her. through text message. pretty funny rendition of it. try it sometime if you have voice to text. dont just say the words, actually sing it. and only do a few lines at a time.

I still bleed in her true love. | Reviewer: yared | 11/25/11

This lyrics is something which is very heart expressive,I always have this lady whom i love for many reason we both love each other in such odd way but b/c of accustomed way of living in my society and we get separated cause we are from different religion though rooted under Christianity.Truly,I'm not sure am gonna find this kind of lady again in my life.whatever i should have to stare on the future hoping she will come back and keep loving her till my last breath.

more love | Reviewer: josh | 10/12/11

i met my girlfriend and two hours later we kissed, but not a frencher. the next morning we woke up together and we made love. i think we did the night before but i wasnt sure , on account of it being pint night at the local surf pub. we fell in love and 3 days later we broke up, cause her ex came back to her. i played her this song from car stereo as i drove arouund her house for a week straight, screaming the words, and 2 weeks later she broke up with the other guy and got back with me. cause we were still in mad crazy love. now i live in chino but i still love her and remember the great love we shared. thanks jack!!!

Oh I remember. | Reviewer: zach | 7/12/11

It's funny because I remember the first time I met the girl I swore I would be with. It was in seminar Freshman year. We dated on and off for 3 years. I saw other girls but nothing could compare. This song brings back memories of skateboard while she room pictures, movies, and the feeling like nothing else matters but this bond I made. When we broke up I was crushed. I refused to play this song for a few weeks, but I came around and I play it all the time. I loved that girl, and part of me always will.

too complicated | Reviewer: bridget | 3/13/11

We were at breyanna's and I knew it was you, back in early september. I still know now. It has to be. I won't ever slowdance outside of the carwash or sit on the point again if its without you... not ever. Do you remember driving away from me that morning the september a year later? I do... but I don't like to. Always

For ever and ever.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/10

my girlfriend was over one day so i put my ipod on it came to this song and we had our first kiss.... a cupple weeks later we broke up...then one day i rode my bike to her house and played this song on my guitar and sang..she burst into tears cuz she still loved me.... now were bak together and have been so for 4 months thankyou jack

We're locked in time.. | Reviewer: Julie | 6/18/10

To be specific… I was crazy about you… and YOU made me wait… It was some time in early September… Since that I’ve been the happiest and the most loved woman. I just wanna say thank you for all the love you give me every day… Only you know me well, and you still love me…
I love you, pata…
I’ll always remember when we first met.

sweet love | Reviewer: Jen | 6/17/10

I always daydream when I listen to this song, that the boy I'm in love with now will still be mine when I'm old and grey.. When we first got to know eachother music was the main passion we shared and back then I hadn't a clue I could fall so hard for someone ... Guess i like how much this song reminds me of how far we've come and gives me hope for a beautiful ending and not just memories of you jake, my first love
Even if I'm only left with those memories, awakened by songs like this one, I'll treasure them for the rest of my life

I remember | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/10

Its an amazing thing when you still love someone but have to break up because her parents believe are religious differences are to different even though were both christian just a different type. She still loved me and I still loved her, how are you supposed to break up with someone you still love? I was crazy about her a couple months ago when we broke up and I always will love her, but it all happened for a reason and I am moving on with her in mind :) this is song is amazing its made me laugh and cry .

Wooow! | Reviewer: Miguel | 5/27/10

So this song made me burst into tears!!! i just started listening to Jack Johnson and i love him!

I also met my first and only love by far, in early september i sure do remember! We met in registration day for school, the moment i saw her i completely fell for her! she also had me going crazy and made me wait around. We dated for almost 2 years until certain people came between us... But there's not a day i go withought thinking of her. Because everything i do new now, ive wanted to with her and everything i did before, i did with her! everywhere i go there's memories of her...
Even though she took my heart and played it... ill still love her till the day that i die.

do you remember pookie? (8)<3

We're locked in time.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

I remember all the good things, the bad things, the fall-outs, the appoligies, distance and closeness, and more..
But when i'm really going through hard times.. ..I remember when we first met.. ..and everything I do gets back its meaning.

JULI! te amo, pata.. aunq no nos encontremos, aunq no sepa que hacer ni a donde ir.. se que siempre estas vos, y que te amo por todo lo q me has dado...

Nunca te olvides de cuando nos conocimos....


bittersweet | Reviewer: ian | 4/20/10

i remember my first girlfriend put this song on a mix cd for me after we had gone out for a month. the relationship didnt last long (2 months) but i was really crushed when it happened. i re-stumbled upon the cd and this song actually about a month ago and everytime i hear this song i rmember all the good times. but it also hurts so much....

Re: One More Day ;) | Reviewer: potAto-444 | 3/24/10

I remember... I remember the breakups, the fights, and the problems. Though they were devastating, they shaped us to become the adults we are today(even if we act a little immature sometimes :)). There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, and each time I do my heart beats a little bit faster and a little bit harder. Distance has made things dificult for us... growing up separated isn't easy. Yes I remember the bet we made, but I don't care if I have to wait until I'm one hundred... I'm going to marry you someday... Potato!

One More Day ;) | Reviewer: poTato-44 | 2/28/10

I remember when you sent these lyrics to me when we broke up. We have grown up so much since then and even though I am in a relationship with someone else, You are always on my mind. I'll always love you and I'll always carry you with me. We are soulmates even through the distance. Remember when we made that promise that if we weren't married by the age of 21 that WE would get married? Well here I am 22, neither of us are married...I'm waiting. Always and forever...Potato

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