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If I may
If I might
lay me down weeping

If I say
What it's like
I might be dreaming

If I may
What is right
Summer time, see me heal

Those years in his blond head
The phrase from his pocket
Chains from the knowing lifelong dream

Do re mi
Dont rape me
Do re mi
Dont Rape me

If I may
If I might
wake me up, see me

If I do
If I like
Find me out, to see me

If I'm made
Cold as ice
I may have to see me heal

Raised in his own care
erazed from his women
And chains from his socket I will need

Re mi
Re mi
Do re mi
Don't rape me
Do re mi
Don't rape me

wish me good
Wish me life
Find me out of season

In their way
Just be quiet
Follow pain and breed me

Yell r well
And if I sigh
Stake me out the TV

If I may
And if I might
Gota gun to bleed me

Raised in his pocket
erazed from this moment
And chains from his owner in my tea

Re Mi
Re Mi
Re Mi
cremate me
Do re mi
Don't rape me
Do re mi

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rape | Reviewer: joe | 2/18/14

This is about a preist raping a young boy. More likely an alter boy. Kurt Cobain had a big pet peeve about that. It really sickened and disgust him and had alot of influence on the music he made.

DO RE MI--09/01/2014 (9 Jan in Australia, 10am aprox.)--DO RE MI | Reviewer: Tad | 1/8/14

These lyrics are so inaccurate! As are the critiques, on the whole.
First of all Kurt DOES sing "don't rape me" and yes, there is a hint of a drug reference in there, which could also be interpreted as another anti-hate crime chain--Something about the "chain from his moment in my tea" maybe the fatty residue often found swirling in a cup of white tea reminded Kurt of an /incident/ from his childhood. No: This is not a break-up song! It's a more melodic, sympathetic version of "RAPE ME" if you will, with strong connections and ties to the meaning behind "You know you're right". This song does speak volumes for the over-all message in Kurt Cobains lyrics/songs/art. He painted, too, you know. They're largely anti-discriminatory pieces with mild-homo-erotic and violent sexual themes, not intended to be
in-your-face, although sometimes unapologetically so. The song
DO RE MI in all its forms is indubitably (without a doubt) an anti-rape song. "Praise in his pocket/A phrase from his moment>A change in his socket/A chase from his socket>I will need" The many variations of these lyrics all point to the same thing! The incident which, although we have not ALL been sexually assaulted (in childhood or adulthood) it is a crime which impacts lives in devastating ways and changes us all. This song, in all its glory will spearhead my campaign to raise awareness for sexual abuse in Australian schools Australia-wide, and indeed, hopefully one day: Worldwide.
Other themes/messages in this song, getting back to it, if I may, are in fact drug references and elude to peoples' tendency to turn to drugs as a means of numbing the senses and escaping the pain of living with ones self after an event such as sexual assault where other coping mechanisms and/or strategies, therapies, etc. fail. Or fall short, for that matter. After all, how does one console the (living) survivor of such a tragic event, however severe and however many times it happened to them in their lifetime. Most people will tell you "It happened. It's in the past. Get over it." Tut-tut! That's not what Kurt Donald Cobain was about! His legacy lives on! Peace, Love, Empathy.
How do loved ones even begin to understand? And what of the offender! They must have a past, too. BUT this is not to say they should be let off so lightly for such a disturbing and heinous crime as sexual assault, especially when committed against a child, or children! Something has to be done about this!
Don't hate me, you know I'm right!

If you would like to help raise awareness for sexual abuse in schools and ultimately make a difference then please feel free to email me:

It's just another opiate but to me it's everything | Reviewer: Jim | 12/12/13

Sure you are right first or laster poster whom ever this will be over if it was made into a finished song like you know you're right (another of his last songs) the lyrics would change a lot . However if you analyze that lyric and compare it to the finished version the first one speaks volumes more . It pretty much says that he will never stop using opiates that he wants the dream away. How unhappy with his marriage is etc , it's pretty much rewritten into only a breakup sings with only things like I'm so warm and calm inside I have no longer have to hide , to talk about how it feels to get back on smack after being dope sick . The first one is so much more honest. I am happy to overanalyze this unfinished version just as much as all his other lyrics. And the thing Kurt said himselff about how his lyrics dosent is bs. He prob just wanted to distance himself .

unfinished but catchy | Reviewer: dpfaff | 12/5/13

Ppl are definitely over analyzing the specific lyrics. It should be obvious to anyone familiar with earlier versions of nirvana songs that Kurt was still working out what words he was going to use..why else would be sing the verse so many times..he said his music came first then words..but let's not forget the actual vocal melody/pattern. I think he was working through how he wanted the vocal melody to sound, which words would sound the way he wanted, and also loosely forming a theme (if not meaning )for the song. I think its about him turning to music and wanting to be a rock star then suffering all the trappings that came with it.

anyway this probably makes more sense to songwriters, but its a pretty common approach to start with chords, start formulating a vocal melody with temporary or placeholder lyrics, which gradually shape around what the writer feels/thinks while jamming on it. In hindsight it all looks as tho it were planned that way but its really a process, a mix of feelings, sounds, syllables, thoughts etc.

Heart Shaped Box | Reviewer: D | 9/21/13

When you consider that every word almost rhymes with the word next to it, it's incredible. Yesterday, I was just blown away thinking how cool, in Lounge Act, it goes covered in security, I can't let you smother me. Cover and smother rhyme, and it's not even at the end of the sentence, where you'd typically find a rhyme.

"Don't rape me"? | Reviewer: Geoff | 3/21/13

I think you're hugely underestimating Kurt as a lyricist, especially on such a fragile song, to think he's actually singing "don't rape me" in the chorus. That's just my opinion, though.

Do Re Mi | Reviewer: Tyler Hoffman | 6/12/12

I absolutely love this song no doubt about it. It's a simple yet amazing piece. I disagree with the majority of the comments on this thread being that in Kurt's own words he said my lyrics are all bullshit and they contain random garble. Bits and pieces I've taken from my poems. He was a genius nonetheless I think people should just let him rest and not over evaluate something because of its simplicity.
Rest in ease Kurt

kurt cobain - you are brilliant | Reviewer: Geneva Legare | 6/1/12

I am a hopeless fifteen year old. Listening to this beautiful song and turning on the radio afterwards is beyond frustrating. I play the guitar and enjoy listening to rock and alternative songs but kids out there just don't appreciate me. They think what I listen to is crap and what they listen to which consists of pop and techno and all of that shit is absolutely amazing. To be perfectly honest, I hate my generation and my all time dream is to travel back to listen to Kurt live. That is all I have to say.

the meaning of this song | Reviewer: Zach | 5/5/12

i believe that this whole song is a story of his life. from birth to death and he pretty predicted his death in this song! if you disagree than that's OK but tell me what you think the meaning to it is then.

Hmm | Reviewer: Mike Hawke | 2/5/12

I've heard the expression many times in my life that people try to predict the future by making sense of the past, or something like that. I think that's why so many people are still obsessed with his work.

eshysik | Reviewer: lady | 11/18/11

Why are people even arguing about this? Dumb people don't have to learn and probably wont learn by words on the net, honestly. Maybe we all think he was an interesting person and make up things and meanings in our heads while others try to find out EVERYTHING about him to go tell others to fuck off because they don't know shit? I agree with the person that wrote that none of us knew him, so why argue about interviews and meanings? Can't people see that everyone possibly sees different meanings in different things, because people are different.. But allright, if none of you got anything better to do I suppose neither all these arguments would matter.

Double morality guys! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/11

people are also trying to make sense of his death, so its kinda double morality. I know there was a meaning in his song, I write songs myself and I always look into myself and just write from heart the feelings and make the words flow together.

kurt talent | Reviewer: Robert | 10/4/11

band like smashing pum. or corgan write music in a special beutifull way in romantic armony. Corgan know the music teory much and much. but kurt was a genius . Genius Are person Who do thing in a different way and open a new territory. cobain was very simple( look how he create jag-stang!) . He was so simple that he respect in his sing. the human mind formula of perciveeng. his talent was is purely BASIC ingenius that make him revolutionRy. sorry the argoument is complex and maybe i express bad it. the riff of him Are true enchant that loked the mind i. A circle and cricle.
effect-affect ; kurt was a like a mage. he craft enchant for thinking . he was q guy and he was so so talent. he was very practicL i. His song. he simplify for playing , he copy qrmonic circle and he paly play play until he finish the possibility of it.
he SAId that a certain tupé of music will finish. he knwo his word because he try all combinatin. try your self to' create a song UPon his song !! is difficult!!! with a combination he create 4 o 5 songs!! he appear much abstract and yes is true but in his work he was very effective and practice.
Kurt you Are incredible, after 15 year you remain incredible for me

calm down guys -_- | Reviewer: Kurdt94 | 8/15/11

his lyrics ment stuff to him no one else. he didn't like that everyone was taking him sooo seriously. the songs themselves are to be interpreted how you want. seriously or non seriously. his lyrics are good but not ever as good as his melodys. RIP Kurdt Donald Cobain.

stop the nonesense | Reviewer: sorry | 5/17/11

Everyone writes there version of the lyrics then tries to make sense of them. The songs are just ruff ideas and mostly incoherent babble. Stop trying to give "deep" meaning to the lyrics. If he lived long enough to finish these songs the lyrics would be very different. Thats why he killed himself.... because people were trying to make him into a god and he was just a songwriter.

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