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Nirvana Do Re Mi (Acoustic) Lyrics

Last updated: 12/29/2007 10:00:00 AM

If I may ‘n if I might lie me down weeping 'n
If I say what it’s like I might be dreaming
If I may what is right? so many time see me heal
Those years in his bonnet, a phrase from his pocket
And chains holdin on in life won’t break
doe ray me
doe ray me
Don' rape me
Don’t ray me
If I may ‘n if I might wake me up and see me
If I do ‘n if I like find me how deveive me
If I may cold as ice I may how to see me real
Raised in his socket it fades from this moment
A chase from his socket and I will kneel
ray me
ray me
don' ray me
don' ray me
don' rape me
don’t rape me
Wish me good ‘n wish me light
Find me now disease
If I’m in your way I’ll just be quiet
Follow pain ‘n bleed me
Yell or wail and if I sigh seek me how TV
If I may and if I might goin' good to bleed
Praise in his pocket, praise from his woman
A chase from his own or in my teen
doe ray me
doe ray me
doe ray me
Don't rape me ‘n
Don't rape me ‘n
Don’t rape me ‘n
Don’t rape me ‘n
Don’t rape me
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