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Chris Miles Do My Thang Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2012 10:26:57 AM

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They call me, they call me, they call me
They call me same as old
And you never down messin around with these tracks
I can turn superman to a crippled, the illest kid, no in check
Chores Ive been doing my thang homie
They jet when they seen me,
Cause aint no doubt, Im too legit
All them lame critics were like
Who is this kid ?
And Im Chris Miles and Im loosin it
My whole crew told me I could make it
When other hands were down but Im doing it like
Hello, let me introduce myself
I came into the game to make it light and go reduce the stealth
Whos the best can be see in
I swear to God I am a god, so by God who dont believe in me preach
And all of my music, end of discussion, argh!
Im bout my grind so all I say Scootys lace
(Hook x2)
Forget what they be sayin, Ima do my thang
Forget em all cause Im fin to go

No sleep for hours and insomniacs
Everybody saying that this time hes back
But he swerving an derivative of Johnny Cash
And my rhymes after yall, rack em all
Im gon lick a cat nip over cantelope
You can assume you look the hair right in Amber Rose,
Im 13, enough said, I got the crazy sound, no dubstep
Till we becoming to the top to success
Like wuddup homie Im doing good
Little hater tryina bring it, they gonn get it when I spit it
I go psychopath, I cant switch it up

(Hook x2)
Forget what they be sayin, Ima do my thang
Forget em all cause Im fin to go

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