Dixie Chicks Lyrics

There's old country. There's new country. Then there are
the Dixie Chicks.

Natalie Maines, Martie Seidel and Emily Robison have taken
the Texas-bred sound of a fiddle, banjo, dobro and
crystal-clear vocal harmonies into whole new territory.
They are the rare act that comes along a few times in a
generation that is destined to shake things up, rewrite the
rules and become the new musical trendsetters.

The public has certainly noticed. The Dixie Chicks' first
Monument album Wide Open Spaces has become the biggest
selling album ever More...

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Review about Dixie Chicks songs
I love it | Reviewer: Tylia Kirk
    ------ About the song Travelin' Soldier performed by Dixie Chicks

I loved this song ever seen I heard my older sister playing it on youtube. After that I have fell in love with this song. I play I all the time. I can also sing the song pretty good I have been told.

Waitin' for him to come home... | Reviewer: Jacalyn
    ------ About the song Travelin' Soldier performed by Dixie Chicks

I'm 17 and my boy friend is currently enlisted in the army. This song is everything that we will ever be... Waiting for him to come home feels like waiting for the cure to cancer... It's feels so long and sometimes you get so scared that it may never happen... But this song makes you want to hold on... It kind of reassures you that he is and will be coming home... It reassures you to never lose hope... I will love him no matter what way shape or form that he comes home to me in...

So sad | Reviewer: Silvia
    ------ About the song Travelin' Soldier performed by Dixie Chicks

This song is so sad. I don't know anyone in the military, but I play piccolo in the marching band, and I would definitely write letters/fall in love with a soldier, and this might sound stupid, but this song makes me cry for things that might happen. Yeah, that does sound stupid... Anyways, I'm sorry for all of you that this song really hits home for you because you have a loved one dead or fighting. God will protect them. If they do pass away, know that they are watching down on you and you will see them soon. God bless the soldiers.

All you good men and women | Reviewer: Monica
    ------ About the song Travelin' Soldier performed by Dixie Chicks

My dad is in the united states military and has been deployed several times. Every time he leaves all I can do is thank my lucky stars he is as strong as he is. All you good men and women out there, I hope you realize how much you mean to me for restoring the peace and keeping our homes safe! This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it and I can't help but think about all of the people who haven't been as lucky as me and have lost a love one to a war. It may feel like you are the only one who feels pain over this, you aren't I will share in that burden with you regardless of who you are! Know that their sacraficre does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Stay strong.

Isabel | Reviewer: Kirby
    ------ About the song Not Ready To Make Nice performed by Dixie Chicks

It was an insult to our troops when the country that they were fighting for was called stupid they're a great band true but that doesn't excuse what they said
if they think America is stupid then why do they live here
if they believe that then they shouldn't be here and it hurt a lot of soldiers to hear them say that I should know my dad was in the military at the time
so don't go saying they didn't do anything wrong because they did

My traveling soldier | Reviewer: Courtney Michelle
    ------ About the song Travelin' Soldier performed by Dixie Chicks

My traveling soldier went of to war, wrote me letters and told me his heart was sore, I cried and cried until I couldn't cry no more. This song says one night at a football game well the band played but no one sang when they heard those names. I cried when I heard thhihs song...at first I was so mad at god for taking him away, but now i can say I orgive him. But love will never be forgotten.

beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Landslide performed by Dixie Chicks

I've loved this song as long as I can remember. I'm now 21. I want to state for the record, however, that this was not a fleetwood mac song originally. Before Stevie Nicks was a part of Fleetwood Mac she was a part of Buckingham Nicks. They were the ones to originally do this song. Just a little fun fact for you.

What Is Wrong with You People | Reviewer: Isabel
    ------ About the song Not Ready To Make Nice performed by Dixie Chicks

Seriously grow up. Don't you have better things to do than sitting around, commenting on a song you hate? Why are even searching around for something your strongly against? And Eric,I guess you couldn't resist ruining everyone's day, by posting rude things about their favorite band.(To anyone) The Dixie Chicks did nothing wrong. What, just because their famous means they don't get an opintion? "Shut up and sing" huh? Well shut up and use ur head. They didn't say they hated the troops! They said they didn't like Bush. The troops fight for our country, our FREEDOM OF SPEECH. So don't lash out at the chicks until you get a good look at yourself. Would you burn some lady's stuff just cause you heard her say she didn't like Obama? No, of course not. I would be just as angry if someone, sratch that, almost everyone in America, tried to ruin my life just 'cause I expressed my opintion. The Dixie Chicks aren't here "just to enertain us", and they have every right to put their heart and soul into their music. This song is art and someone's feelings so stop trashing it.

You Go Girls!

Dear Rachel | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Not Ready To Make Nice performed by Dixie Chicks

Rachel your an idot not only was it a slap in the face to our troops but this song was a slap in the face to America I mean it should be us who are the ones mad after all they called America stupid to the British why shouldn't we burn their cds if they hate America so much than they shouldn't be here so f you

Soon a year ago :'( | Reviewer: Corinna
    ------ About the song Travelin' Soldier performed by Dixie Chicks

On May 6th 2010 there was a guy who I had known since I was 4 years old who died in a car crash... He was the coolest guy I had ever known, he was the reason his family had a great time... Now one of his younger sisters tryed to strangle the person who drowe too fast then crashed into her brother's car with accident wich killed her brother just half an hour later, the last time she saw the person who did it... :'( His youngest sister is doing worse in school and making up excuses of why hasn't done her homework... They writing shit about the person who drowe into their brother on facebook and are mean to him all the time... They won't accept that he didn't drive into/killed him Intentionally, and the guy who did it wanted it to be him! But every night I dream about the guy I knew telling them to stop hating on the guy who did it, 'cause it could have happened to anyone who drives like total IDIOT!!
I think of the guy who died as a travelin' soldier because he was fighting against the people around him who were lieing and for the ones who wanted people to tell the trouth... Now almost all the people I know that he knows lieing others right up in the face about what really happened in the car crash! :'(

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