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Ditchwater Biography

Last updated: 01/03/2005 09:28:33 PM

Mark Anderson: Guitar
Bret Basick: Bass
Mike Meadows: Vocals
Jerry "J.J." Romero: Drums

Ditchwater has been making a name for themselves in the Chicago music scene since 1998 with shows at the Riviera, House Of Blues, Metro, ~with such bands as Soil (J Records) No One (Immortal Records) Brand New Sin (Now Or Never Records) Blank Theory (New Line Records) Five Pointe O (Roadrunner Records) 40 Grit (Metal Blade Records)~ and throughout the midwest at clubs in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Ditchwater began in 1996 when (Guitarist) Mark Anderson was joined by (Drummer) Jerry Romero. In 1998 (Bassist) Bret Basick was brought aboard and the foundation of the group was solidified. Throughout 1998 to early 2002 Ditchwater went through various singers.

Releasing promotional CD's in 2000 (the 2-song CD with "10 To 12, Soul To Cell" and "I.D.G.A.F.") and 2001 (the 3-song CD with "Blister", "Head Case", and "Nothing Wrong") in which combined over 6000 copies were distributed FREE to fans throughout the world via requests from the bands OFFICIAL website

In June of 2002 Ditchwater went back into the studio and recorded 2 songs entitled "Walk Away" and "Eremosis" with new vocalist Mike Meadows. With the line up now complete, Ditchwater is solely focused on making music a career and taking the band to the next level.