Disturbed Lyrics

David Draiman: Vocals
Dan Donegan: Guitar
Fuzz: Bass
Mike Wengren: Drums

"What I'm trying to do from a lyrical perspective is bring
back the majesty of metal," says David Draiman, defining
Believe, the follow-up to Disturbed's multi-platinum debut,
The Sickness. "With this album I wanted to speak about
important things in a grand way, and even touch on things
that may not seem so important, but come at them from a
perspective that makes them inviting, delicious--even
foreboding in a way."
Among his many distinguishing More...

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Review about Disturbed songs
Worst song on the album | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Darkness performed by Disturbed

This song makes you want to brake the radio when it plays. about the most annoying thing a band can do i put a song that doesn't fit onto the album. Should have been released as a single. Cant really play the album because it ruins your work flow.

prayer disturbed | Reviewer: disturbed fan 101
    ------ About the song Prayer performed by Disturbed

i actually thought the song was about people suffering because of the poor people not getting any money but when i read the lyrics i now know that it is about a relationship that went south and he made a song about it

My current stomach virus | Reviewer: Larry
    ------ About the song Down With The Sickness performed by Disturbed

This masterpiece has helped me relate meaning through a difficult round of diarrhea and vomiting this morning.

"Can you feel that?
Ah, shit."

"Your servant I kneel...the sickness is rising...decaying in me"

2014-01-27 | Reviewer: No name brand
    ------ About the song Darkness performed by Disturbed

Disturbed is mostly about god, so Watch out with those signs, Wicca, satanisme, and other evil symbols, like illuminati may of not mention on it but its there. Hope people Watch out. there always more evil its just hiden. The truth is out there!

Nice. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Indestructible performed by Disturbed

Kind of reminds me of Rorke from CoD: Ghosts. He is practically indestructible, I mean, if you played the camapign, he survived a freakin' 5-foot drop into water and debris, then survived the Federation's torture, and THEN still lived after falling 1,000-something feet in the sky, then lived through a damn shot to the heart from a .44 Magnum. THEN he lives through the water (again), survives the rods, and carries Logan off. Ending sucks, but Rorke is pretty much this song.

*Correct hebrew translation | Reviewer: sleepy
    ------ About the song Stupify performed by Disturbed

Elyana is inccorect.
"Tefached" in fact means "be afraid, while "lefached" means "to be afraid". "Do not be afraid" is "al tefached.
Source:me. I'm israeli and I speak Hebrew every day.

Correct hebrew translation | Reviewer: Elyana
    ------ About the song Stupify performed by Disturbed

I speak hebrew and phonetically what he is saying is Tefached, which means "Don't be afraid" not be afraid like most people have said. In hebrew "Be afraid" would start with a Lamed which is an L sound and would be Lefached.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Metal Teen 666
    ------ About the song The Night performed by Disturbed

In my opinion, the song says honor as opposed to armor. By letting your honor fall and giving yourself over to the darker side of the human soul, you are free from the inhibitions placed upon you and thus are far more effective, efficient, ruthless, and overall powerful. The character has realized this and is trying to convince the world and groups like the Church of their folly. When they tell him that he is wrong he tells them that this is solution to their problems. "Are you going to deny the savior in front of your eyes?" The song, theme wise, reminds me of I'm Alive.

awesome song | Reviewer: Simeon
    ------ About the song Down With The Sickness performed by Disturbed

This song is awesome. It's got the Disturbed style in it like every single one of their song... and Mona you said that this sounds like Dave gave his soul to the devil... well hes a autheist :D

awesome | Reviewer: My Horses Names Dave
    ------ About the song Conflict performed by Disturbed

The song is great, although the repetition of the word enemy is a little overboard, I feel it could have the ability to hypontise people. The second part of the song is eerie and unforgiving, great job.

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