Disturbed Albums

  • Asylum Album (8/27/2010)
    The Infection
    Another Way To Die
    Never Again
    The Animal
    My Child
    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (ISHFWILF)
    Leave It Alone

  • Indestructible Album (6/3/2008)
    Inside The Fire
    The Night
    Perfect Insanity
    The Curse
    Midlife Crisis

  • Ten Thousand Fists Album (9/20/2005)
    10,000 Fists
    Just Stop
    I'm Alive
    Sons Of Plunder
    Land Of Confusion
    Sacred Lie
    Pain Redefined

  • Music As A Weapon II Album (2/24/2004)
    Loading The Weapon
    Myself (Taproot)
    Forfeit (Chevelle)
    Fade To Black
    Empty (Unloco)
    Sumtimes (Taproot)
    Bruises (Unloco)
    The Red (Chevelle featuring Disturbed)
    Poem (Taproot)
    Stupify (Disturbed featuring Joey Duenas)

  • Believe Album (9/17/2002)
  • Sickness Album (3/7/2000)

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    Reviews about Disturbed albums
    epic in every sence of the word | Reviewer: c4nf00d
        ------ About the album Indestructible performed by Disturbed

    this album is a great one it has a great bass treabble and midage it iis realy good for whren yoour pissed off and want to just drown evey thing elce out witch it wood seem to be at the moment with me more often than not dont know why anny ways nuff bout my problems

    The Truth About Asylum | Reviewer: bettayetta
        ------ About the album Asylum performed by Disturbed

    The most captivating, detailed album, song by song, I have ever heard. So many times I've bought an album just for one or two songs. This band has turned out wonderful, haunting, rock/metal/get inside your brain lyrics and melody every single song. I have never been disappointed. Asylum has added just one more rung to the ladder of success. In my book, no one can top this band!

    What About Drums?? | Reviewer: bubbasmack
        ------ About the album Sickness performed by Disturbed

    This band's music is awesome, the vocalists rock, and so do the guitarists. But, come on, give the drummer his due, the drum beat is almost always my favorite part of most every DISTURBED song. He lays down sum pretty slick beats

    the truth | Reviewer: jacyn
        ------ About the album Music As A Weapon II performed by Disturbed

    the review that i give this album is this i myself enjoy the music disturbed has put out and i hope they futher their success in the future to greatness and even to be in the rock hall of fame. i like their musis not because of the lyrics not because of their musical instuments but because they represent one thing in this world and that is individuality the change they bring to this world of music and social attire is spectacular. to correct myself yes i like the music and do listen to the lyrics and wow really something but who cares because disturbed rock and heavy metal is great. that was my report i hope that whoever reads this they understand that not only does distured kick ass they.....well kickan ass is the breaking point so good luck on their success.

    awesome! | Reviewer: lauren rain
        ------ About the album Ten Thousand Fists performed by Disturbed

    i love disturbed & ALL of there music, but out of all their albums this one takes to prize, it kicks ass & is great to listin to, i love this band & i love the hard work they put into their songs, keep the music commin guys

    Indestructible | Reviewer: jgamer
        ------ About the album Indestructible performed by Disturbed

    This is the best cd i have ever downloaded. With out this cd and all other cds by disturbed i would still be a little nerd with no friends, but ever since i listened to this i have had loads of friend. This cd can do amazing things if you give it a chance. if you have any questsion plese email me at jgamer@hotmail.co.uk. ROCK ON DISTURBED AND NEVER QUIT

    AWESOME!! | Reviewer: keno
        ------ About the album Indestructible performed by Disturbed

    this is the greatest metal album of all time in this generation. i have the leaked tracks already and it's fuckin awesome!! i love all the tracks!!!! the best band will invade the land on june 3, 2008!!!

    wtf should I write here? | Reviewer: name
        ------ About the album Ten Thousand Fists performed by Disturbed

    Very cool album I like all songs,the first song that I heard from Disturbed was-Decadence,second-Stricken,then I started to like Disturbed.

    Amazing | Reviewer: Mason
        ------ About the album Music As A Weapon II performed by Disturbed

    Great Album! One of my favorite songs on it is "Fade to Black" the most. Its originally by Metallica, but Disturbed does a great cover of it. "Poem" by Taproot is one of my favorites. All the other songs are good too.

    , | Reviewer: j
        ------ About the album Ten Thousand Fists performed by Disturbed

    i love this cd its fuckin gold
    i love every part of every song

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