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Angels And Airwaves Distraction Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2012 10:00:00 AM

I'll be your distraction
I'll be your distraction

There's a field nearby
With words written in stone
My love will not die
Please let it be known
This place is dead
It echoes through time
There isn't one voice
I haven't heard a sound
The planes flew in
Their bombs did too
The city fell flat
The fires, they grew
When the smoke comes in
It'll color this town
But I'll still have you
So I'll say it aloud

I'll be your distraction
I'll be your distraction

The friendship we made
Is a waste of our time
There's no one left here
To show future that's kind
It's a world of hate
Gone incredibly wrong
We cared too late
We just followed along
And the boys went down
With a gun in their hand
Their weapon of choice
Their knees in the sand
If that field nearby
Was still there to be used
Would you ever have known?
Those words were for you

I'll be your distraction
I'll be your distraction

I'll be your distraction
I'll be your distraction
I'll be your distraction
I'll be your distraction

I'll be, I'll be yours
I'll be, I'll be yours
I'll be, I'll be yours
I'll be, I'll be yours

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Great song | Reviewer: Joe D'Agostino | 4/21/09

Just so it's clear to everyone, this song isn't about 9/11 or for a soldier necessarily, although it could be taken that way if the listener wants it to be that. Tom did a video interview about this song, I came across it on Youtube, and he explained that he wrote this song to his daughter. It's written about WWII, and how he was thinkin about how terrifying it would be to live through that, and if he were there all he would want to do would be to comfort his daughter, and through all the airplanes and bombs he would tell her "I'll be your distraction"

AVA: Distraction | Reviewer: jrothwell | 5/28/08

This is a Great song, for you guys that dont know this song is for the people who died on 9/11
as it explains on verse 3 "The planes flew in; their bombs did too.
The city fell flat; the fires they grew.
When the smoke comes in, it'll color this town.
But I'll still have you, so I'll say it out loud."

maybe.. | Reviewer: BeneathMyUnderwear | 4/9/08

bout the world..
war,peace and love..
but if youll analyze the lyrics..
it has another meaning..
if you want to know that meaning..
ask first yourself..
"why did blink 182 fall?"
if you know the REAL answer..
youll know the other meaning..
if youre confused..
check out the band "+44"..
the band of mark and travis..
good luck...
as for me "we dont need to whisper" is the best album of Angels and Airwaves..

=). | Reviewer: Phil | 1/3/08

The whole album "We Don't Need To Whisper" and, the follow on "I-Empire" are, in a way, a story, that tells everyone what Tom sees as a perfect world, if it was his,(his empire - I-Empire), We Don't Need To Whisper, is kind of what the world is now, and I-Empire is like, how he wants it be, how he sees is a perfect world, and there are loads of like, scenarios of love, and perfection in the songs. In this song Distraction, he is saying that the world is fucked up, but that love isn't, and he wanted to show the love, but there was no one to care, and if you listen to Love Like Rockets, it's like the opposite, in this perfect world Tom has created in his mind, everything is perfect, and that Love is the most powerful thing, not rockets, and in his new world he is comparing love to that of rockets in the old world. if you get me? I'm probably confusing things further.

AVA is an amazing band. <3

im a big fan of blink, there is, there is music after blink | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/07

i cant imagine the way tom thinks about war, his mind amazes me, thought the album we dont need to whisper brings such feeling to me I often write songs about those guys who fought back in the WW2, but for what, so lets make a better world for their sons; but nothing like TOM, he&acute;s more a filosofer than an composer...

the same blink fan, of WW2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/07

is this song meant for a soldier, got it makes me cry...

Fantastic ! | Reviewer: Jayde Hunter | 3/23/07

This is my absolute favourite song on the entire album ! Props to AVA. This song won me over. I'm an hxcore Blink fan and I was completely devastated at the announcement of their "indefinite hiatis." This song showed me that there IS music after Blink 182.