Dissection Albums

  • Maha Kali Album (11/4/2004)
    Maha Kali
    Unhallowed (Rebirth Version)

  • The Past Is Alive Album (2/15/2000)
    Born In Fire
    Feathers Fell
    In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
    Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow
    Severed Into Shreds
    Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom
    Son Of The Mourning
    The Call Of The Mist

  • Where Dead Angels Lie Album (11/4/1997)
    Where Dead Angels Lie (Demo Version)
    Elisabeth Bathory
    Feathers Fell
    Son Of Mourning
    Where Dead Angels Lie (Album Version)

  • Storm of the Light's Bane Album (1/23/1996)
    At The Fathomless Depths
    Night's Blood
    Where Dead Angels Lie
    Retribution - Storm Of The Lights Bane
    Thorns Of Crimson Death
    No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep

  • The Somberlain Album (2/1/1993)
  • Into Infinite Obscurity Album (11/4/1991)
  • The Grief Prophecy Album (11/4/1990)

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