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Tool Disposition Lyrics

Last updated: 08/05/2013 06:51:12 PM

Mention this to me [x2]

Watch the weather change [x4]

Mention this to me
Mention something
Mention anything
Mention this to me

Watch the weather change [x4]

Watch the weather change [x2]

Mention this to me
And mention something
Mention anything
Mention this to me

Watch the weather
Watch the weather change
Watch the weather change
Watch the weather

Thanks to Kevin Reilly for submitting Disposition Lyrics.

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Disposition vs. Position | Reviewer: Chris | 8/5/13

I cannot remember who said this quote but it goes something like "It is your disposition not your position in life that brings you happiness". Every time I listen to this song I think of this quote. Change your disposition and watch the weather change.

personal take | Reviewer: HiddenExit | 10/2/12

I always enjoyed this song, but only recently did the lyrics take on a personal dimension for me. Recently I went through a very intense and unusual phase in my life where it seemed that my inner emotional/spiritual state had a direct impact on the weather...a positive disposition made it sunny and warm (even in the middle of winter, between days of frigid cold), and anxiety would make it cold etc...

Pure Zen. | Reviewer: Pip-Girl 3OOO | 6/14/12

I love this song. It speaks to my soul. I'm not really sure what being in a "zen" state feels like but I am sure I am there when I listen to Maynard. He sings about what I feel. His music has so many layers to it that I just get lost in it and don't ever want to be found because there.....I am understood.

Embracing the emotion | Reviewer: Denise F. | 5/10/12

These are very interesting lyrics. The repetitive verse "watch the weather change" is heavy to me. It's like he is embracing whatever he's feeling at that moment and as the weather changes, times passes, and the intensity of the emotion changes as well. I am not sure but it sounds like "mention this to me, mention something, mention anything" is a way of him coming back to the reality because you can get lost in the intoxication of watching the weather change. Sometimes we have to just ride the emotion whatever it is, without interruption until it, like weather...changes. Interfering prolongs it which is why he is watching.

Coldly confirming | Reviewer: shewolf | 1/14/12

I love how all Tool's songs deliver such a calm to me. It seems they always succeed on confirming how I feel. These tones require nothing from me, it's like a gentle rain - indifferently unidentifying me and with cold logic confirming the strings of psychic pain my mind desperately attempts to lock out.

Listening closely to this side of Tool is not very different from being stoned. Ganja really opens up your mind in a way very few other things do. Tool has managed to be one of these few things for me. Being a 17 year old woman in this industialized society is not the most beneficial condition if you wish to remain true to yourself and having an open mind to things, I could tell. Through weed, good music and accepting people around you, you might manage to let your eyes open and start interrupting this vain madness your mind blocks you from seeing. I'm not there yet, but on a strong medication.

Personal meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

I lately lost someone and listening to this song it somehow made sense to me.Wanting so badly to hear anything from the deceased one, something, anything.Without getting an answer."watch the weather change" watch the time go by without an answer. It expresses the lonelyness I feel so good...

Meditation | Reviewer: Lupin | 8/6/11

Those of you familiar with the occult symbolism in Tool's songs would find this song rather entertaining. Firstly, what is a tool? A tool is something you use to create, fix or destroy. This song is used as a tool in meditation along with Reflection and Triad. Most of Tool's songs are powerful meditation tools. Try it, who knows where the spiral ends ;)

perspective | Reviewer: traveller | 7/31/11

1) weather/whether* changes... no condition therefor unconditional.

2) the detatchment of being able to lay down and be completely present/unhindered as time slithers on by.

3) whether 'natural' or engineered, any phenomena occurs and therefor is natural, normal. no mistakes, no coincidences, no accidents.

wakey wakey...

Mention this to me | Reviewer: guyonthecouch | 5/5/11

I cant describe listening to tool. Its such a liberating depressing state of mind. Liberated for having your thoughts freed and depressing because these thoughts also hurt... this song to me is just taking life as it comes, doing what YOU want when you want

I Think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/11

I think Disposition is about awakening, in more of a philosophical sense. Most of us just "watch the weather change"...we live without purpose, in mentioning "this, something, anything" we might realize our situation and "awaken" and break away from this and obtain or derive a purpose for our existence. In this way we will no longer simply watch the weather change, for we will not have the time for it.

well i think... | Reviewer: don john king woo ai tyson jagger kneightey | 1/16/11

it is not only about the lyrics, no idea ┬┤bout the lyrics but i am stoned and folks... the music touuches my soul, reminds me of something very meditative that we have in us, we all have this in is and its useful for us. the moment of meditation, when you just stop doing and just focus on the existence of itself and even without drugs you can explore the world everyday new on your own. i just got the idea that dthe mention this to me in this context coud be a referring to something like a mantra which you repeat to yourself again and again.
just ideas of a stoned guy x)

Disposition | Reviewer: Soheil | 12/27/10

I dont know why but everytime i'm listening to this song i start to describe four seasons fast forwarding in my head and that means life to me and how it flies fast and simple like the song itself.
about the(mention this to me and mention this to me , mention anything ...) I think its about people and how they don want to be alone and empty inside and they want to fill the space around them with anything.
by the way magic of the music is in how everyone can have their own imaginations and thoughts about the meaning of the song.

Disposition | Reviewer: Wilzyk | 11/5/10

I interpret disposition as how you react to a situation, because of how you are predisposed to act. For example, an aggressive person will change (watch the weather change) if you put them in a stressful situation (mention this to me) and become angry, making this song not quite the peaceful one everyone supposes. Just my opinion though!

A thought | Reviewer: Rebecca | 10/16/10

This song is very peaceful, opposing the usual "vibes" Tool gives with music, so it only makes sense that it is done with few instruments with simpler composition. We do not know what he is referring to, we can suppose all we want, but whatever interpretation we give with such little information is more of a display of how we feel, instead of how he feels, or felt at the time he wrote the song. Disposition is how you are as a whole, what you represent to the external world. Coming up with images or situations to fill in the blanks is displaying your disposition, which displays who you are.

Presence | Reviewer: Kieran | 8/4/10

In my opinion this song is simple for a reason. Turn off your brain and watch the weather change. Stay in the moment without a thought and let life teach you. This song isn't about analyzing your life it's about living. :D just my opinion tho. Tool fan 4 life!