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Dispatch is three: Brad Corrigan, Pete Heimbold and Chad
Urmston. Three band mates, three front men. They have been
writing, performing and recording together since 1995, when
they first began spreading their funk and reggae influenced
pop tunes to private academies and colleges throughout the
Northeast. The band’s catchy melodies and playful demeanor
on stage quickly earned them a tight underground following.
Six years later, the east coast continues to embrace this
power trio as a college favorite, while word rapidly
spreads west. More...

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Review about Dispatch songs
what a great song | Reviewer: ben
    ------ About the song Gone performed by Dispatch

This song talks about what is wrong with American culture. Chad is saying how many boys are cooped up inside and don't appreciate the simple things like the sound of rain. These same boys grow up to be men and don't know what they are doing. Most people just do what is required of them, and never think about what they are doing. Everyone living in a square house driving square cars is just another blinded American, who has forgotten what it means to live. Chad then goes on to talk about how sometimes he needs to stand up for his friends but sometimes he is “silent to the end” because he lacks the courage. No one is perfect, but the first step towards bettering yourself is acknowledging what you are doing wrong. He has lost his relationship with his girlfriend, because she has become out of touch with the world, and “can't make a big deal out of anything”.

The most powerful part of this song is when Chad talks about seeing a car turned over on the side of the road, and how no one does anything. Sadly he is correct when he says that everyone will forget about it three seconds down the road. Our society is so big we can all suffer from the bystander effect. Everyone can watch something tragic happen and assume someone else has taken care of it, and then just forget about it. This song makes me think about what I am doing in my life, and to remember to stay grounded and appreciate what I have in my life, and not let myself get carried away.

bang bang lyrics | Reviewer: Pat
    ------ About the song Bang Bang performed by Dispatch

This song doesn't have a meaning. The second that you try and figure something out and that you think this song has a profound meaning you are completely wrong. This song was made in a Dorm Room and chad just started spitting some awesome random lyrics while pete was playing a slick guitar riff. Just appreciate this as a great tune not exactly a deep profound meaning. Leave the deep meaning for general, elias, flying horses, out loud, etc. And bats in the belfry is also another one. Chad says that his only significant part of the song is "i'm in the open, catching all the leaves." Which refers to him and his high school friends skipping class in high school and being outside appreciating new england fall foliage. Appreciate it for what it is!

I am strong if you are strong | Reviewer: Nick
    ------ About the song Elias performed by Dispatch

Come on people. This is supposed to be a meaningful song, and the band does raise a lot of money for Zimbabwe. I'm sure the band would appreciate it if our efforts to argue would be put to good use, say to make the world a better place, instead of deciding how modern Zimbabwe is.

Raising awareness for anything good is cool, hence the song is cool.

Zimbabwe, like most countries including America, has poor people that need help, so raising money for those people is cool.

Zimbabwe itself is an independent nation who, with recent political reforms over the past couple years, is beginning to stabilize it's economy. United states is now a plutocracy like that of ancient Rome. So while we might have more electronic devices per capita here in the US, I'd say Zimbabwe is a more modern country! That should make any Zimbabweans reading this feel much better about their country!

really great song | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Bridges performed by Dispatch

When this band was together i was working every moment , not living my life and totally didn't know about them. When i saw the MSG Zimbabwe concert i was hooked and so pissed i missed them together. I envy those of you who saw them live.

take a breath | Reviewer: zujadik
    ------ About the song Elias performed by Dispatch

@ jenny rightworth

'proudly zimbabwean' wasn't making a point about the band at all. or about the music. 'pz' was making a point about 'I think its so cool that dispatch includes some african language and makes it sound so modern.' from 'Loren's post. making it sound modern? it is modern. zimbabwe is just as modern as most countries today. it's not like dispatch dug up some ancient dead language and put it to a beat. There are a lot of great musicians coming out of africa, just as there are great musicians coming out of asian and european countries. america isn't the only nation with music. check out Youssou N'Dour to start...

it isn't a comment on the band. it's a comment on the comments......
you're defense of dispatch is honorable, but misplaced.

sing along | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Two Coins performed by Dispatch

i'll be sitting at school, and i see one of my friends pick up the guitar. he looks at me, smiles, and begins playing two coins. he knows it never fails to make me me smile. then i sit next to him, and my other friends come and join us. we all sit around and sing along. those are some of the greatest moments. and its all thanks to this great song.

@ Oh Please! | Reviewer: Jenny Rightworth
    ------ About the song Elias performed by Dispatch

@proudly zimbabwean
Do you actually know what this means? Have you even read into the Band? They actually care about what happens to Zimbabwe. They have raised more money than you could possible imagine for "your" people. Before you critize someone, think.

Oh please! | Reviewer: proudly zimbabwean
    ------ About the song Elias performed by Dispatch

I'm Zimbabwean, and proud too. And yes I can speak perfect English. Why it should be somehow surprising that people can include Shona lyrics in their songs baffles me. I'm sure no one makes a fuss about English songs containing a bit of Spanish or French in their songs. Please learn to view Zimbabwe as part of the modern world too. I mean, we actually wear suits and ties and stuff...

NJDISPFAN | Reviewer: dispatched
    ------ About the song Elias performed by Dispatch

Sorry i never came accross this but I havent heard a elias/what i got, but you may be thinking of a live version ive got, maybe the berst live jamming dispatch ive ever heard, or the general/what i got/out loud/ stir it up/ even, plus maybe another one or two bob songs in there and its incredible. i wouldnt be surprised if thats what ur thinking of

my favorite song | Reviewer: Loren
    ------ About the song Elias performed by Dispatch

I think its so cool that dispatch includes some african language and makes it sound so modern. I would love to see them in concert. I only listen to music that has meaning in the lyrics or makes me think about how we take things for granted. Anyway! I hope dispatch doesn't stop doing waht there doing.

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