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Rodney: After making our first record we went and hit the
road and within a couple months became this different band.
We were playing all the radio festivals, and we went out
and had to start playing harder and playing to a bigger's just like a whole different deal so George
started bashing and all of the sudden next thing you know
we were playing our hearts out.

J.R.: Most of the lyrical content on the first album was
written mostly about things of the world you know, like
world view and after being on the road all More...

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Reviews about Dishwalla songs

QUESTION | Reviewer: brixz
    ------ About the song Home performed by Dishwalla

About the last part of the lyrics? Does someone know what it is?
the part...Don't be?????? or something?
Please look into these and help me
Thanks in advance

i love ths song.... | Reviewer: ayang
    ------ About the song Angels Or Devils performed by Dishwalla

wen i frst hear it... i lyk d intruments and the lyrics... u should hear it becoz rare people know ths song... nd i knw tht ths is one of the bst song of DISHWALLA.... hope u lyk it too... coz i really do....

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