Disgorge (usa) Albums

  • She Lay Gutted Album (12/24/2002)
    Revelations XVIII
    She Lay Gutted
    Exhuming The Disemboweled
    Compost Devourment
    Sodomize The Bleeding
    False Conception
    Womb Full Of Scabs
    Disfigured Catacombs
    Purifying The Cavity

  • Consume The Forsaken Album (7/21/2002)
    Demise Of The Trinity
    Perverse Manifestation
    Manipulation Of Faith
    Consecrating The Reviled
    Indulging Dismemberment Of A Mutilating Breed
    Consume The Forsaken
    Dissecting Thee Apostles
    Denied Existence
    Divine Suffering

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