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Virgo Discovery Lyrics

Last updated: 03/25/2003 01:10:23 AM

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It's easy for us to be
Anywhere we dare to decide
From millions of memories
There's one, that I know,
That will never die...

Into you're eyes, deep in your soul
The flame is still burning on
What if we stay here all alone
Discovering the world

I guess that I've never seen
Such a moon as big as tonight
And whatever it means to me
I'm sure it will keep on moving the tides

Into your eyes, deep in your soul
I know the flame is still burning on
What if we stay simply here on our own
Collecting the stars?

Something new deep in the sky
Playing the sound of eternity
Still here we stand, gazing at the night
While other worlds keep in harmony away...

Until the day returns...!

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