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Disco Drive Biography

Last updated: 12/26/2006

Artrocker-approved Disco Drive formed in Turin (Italy) back in 2002 and they have played about 210 shows since, some of them were with The Long Blondes, The Black Keys, El Guapo/Supersystem, Q And Not U, Oneida, Black Eyes, Out Hud, The Thermals, Metronomy, The Organ, Hot Club de Paris, With Love, Deerhoof, Help She Can't Swim and many many others, to a growing fanbase, all over the old continent.

Their sound has been described as: The Clash queuing to get inside Studio 54 meets Ian MacKaye unwrapping his birthday gift to find out it’s a Tito Puente album.
Slave to the rhythm!
Musically they begin where all the neo-new wave bands end. They allow themselves to delve into experimentation. The percussion and drums already present on their debut album are now to the fore more than ever.
Live, the three vocalists between them play two drumkits, guitar and bass.

Back in Italy, Disco Drive are big news. Their debut album is already into its third pressing. They have collected many awards including best Italian debut of 2005.
And they were nominated by MTV Italy as one of the top 5 live bands of 2005.

Disco Drive redefine the boundaries between noise and melody, rhythm and improvisation, pop and the avant-garde.
Their current album is called "What's Wrong With You, People?" and there’s a new EP called "Very EP".