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As a rising force in the genre of contemporary hard rock,
Disciple has achieved great strides by fusing an explicit
Christian message with aggressive, well-orchestrated music.
Driven by a mission to make an impact in the world,
Disciple has already demanded the attention of thousands
who are embracing the band’s cutting-edge declaration.
Although the path has been challenging, Disciple has
persevered with a prolific output of professional music and
live performances. If the past is any indication, the
future for this Tennessee trio More...

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Review about Disciple songs
We're Not Robots | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Outlaws performed by Disciple

This fast paced driving song has got it lyrically. By all means, no one by the Grace of God can find any where that He won't storm down to come and get you and grant you the freedom you need from Him. In my opinion, this is the best song on the album.

For all the afflicted and misunderstood | Reviewer: Mrs Gloria
    ------ About the song Dear X (You Don't Own Me) performed by Disciple

This song is what is screaming in my heart most days, and nights! LOL! It is soooo hard to not become bitter and angry with all that this life brings and the obstacles it places in my way but i am so thankful that Jesus saw something in me worth saving and although the message here is a bit unorthodox it spoke to my heart in a language i understand and can literally FEEL. I am glad to call Him my Lord and Savior forever. Thank you Kevin and all the boys of Disciple and for bringing HIS message to so many - may God continue to bless you all to reach out and touch the hearts of all the "afflicted and misunderstood" that are ready for a new tomorrow.

Incorrect | Reviewer: tomm
    ------ About the song Beautiful Scars performed by Disciple

The line, "It’s a mystery in this paradise.", in the introduction should be "It’s a mystery in this paradox.". Otherwise this leads to a misunderstanding of the words being said and the song lyrics actually make quite clear what is said.

Keep that faith strong and the smell of those roses close.
God bless

R.I,P Grandma ! | Reviewer: Franchesca
    ------ About the song Things Left Unsaid performed by Disciple

Every Time I Listen To This Sonq I ALWAYS Wanna Cry..... I Was Raised By My Great Grandma Andd Grandpa My Grandma Josie Dominguez Battled Cancer For 4 Or 5 Years She Was Such A Warrior Till One Day The Doctors Told Her She Was In Her Last Days I Took Her For Granted So That Night I Went To Bed Knowing My Gma Was Still Gonna Be Here But The Morning Of May 3, 2009 God Took My Grandma Away :( I Was So Torn Apart I Couldnt Even Cry.... I Wish I Could Of Went Back To That Night And Told Her I Was Sorry Andd I Love Her... This Song Is REALLY Good ALWAYS Touches My Heart! God Is Really Using You Guys!!(: ........... If My Grandma Was Able To Hear Me Right Now I Would Tell Her Im Sorry Gma For Taking YOu For Granted I Love You & Miss You Dearly! Your ALWAYS In My Heart! <3 R.I.P Sleep With The Angels!

!!!More Exclamation Marks!!! | Reviewer: Mike Vargas
    ------ About the song Dear X (You Don't Own Me) performed by Disciple

This is one of the greatest songs of all time in my opinion. We all should let go of previous hurts, and look ahead to the future...

Also, their is something very critical missing from the lyrics above. They need more exclamation marks!!!!!!

Sad song to relate to | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Things Left Unsaid performed by Disciple

Soo a few days ago I saw my uncle he was just fine.. 2 days ago I find out that my uncle ( he's an 18 wheeler truck driver) was getting out of his truck the wind blew the door shut and the door slammed him in the head which knocked him out.. he then fell into the street knocking him into a coma right now he's still in the coma doctors did surgery on him today and it doesn't seem like he's going to make it.. this song really relates to it.. I took him for granted big time I fought with him a lot and the last time I saw him I got mad at him over a little joke i wish i could go back and say " i love you im sorry" The accident was soo unexpected. I wish I could play this song for him but he obviously wouldnt know.. I wish I had told him everything he meant to me.. its soo true tho one second a person can be alive and well and the next something can happen and they can be gone. : ( If you dont make it.. which at this point im really not holding out hope.. RIP PAUL STEVENSON you will forever be loved and remebered as the jokster and the one who could make anyone laugh

An Awesome Metal/Rock Ballad | Reviewer: Lee White
    ------ About the song The Ballad Of St. Augustine performed by Disciple

A driving song that never loses energy, the Ballad of St. Augustine is perhaps second only to Dear X, You Don't Own Me in passion and fervor. Interweaving emotions of helplessness and hope make this a must hear!

Amazing | Reviewer: Carli
    ------ About the song Things Left Unsaid performed by Disciple

Who ever posted this THANK YOU I could not thank you enough music is my life and when I'm going through something i always want/ need a song that relates to how im feeling.. this is 110% perfect I couldnt ask for a better song!!

thanks | Reviewer: franchesca torres
    ------ About the song Things Left Unsaid performed by Disciple

i really love this songg i was raised by my great grandma andd she battled cancer for 4 years the doctors told her she had a month to live and she lived two months more she was a worrior on may3 2009 god took her it broke me heart to wake up and know my grandma died and there are days i wish i could tell her face to face that i love her so much andd i miss her andd will be with her one day!! i love grandma you mean the world to me<33

Great Love | Reviewer: Aasif
    ------ About the song Things Left Unsaid performed by Disciple

Really.. love of sudeep for Riya is very great. because he express his thinking for riya. all of us love to someone but we never exress it. expressing love is very nessasary. thanks sudeep to teach the value of love express.

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