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Disarm you with a smile
And cut you like you want me to
Cut that little child
Inside of me and such a part of you
Ooh, the years burn
Ooh, the years burn

I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?
The killer in me is the killer in you
My love
I send this smile over to you

Disarm you with a smile
And leave you like they left me here
To wither in denial
The bitterness of one who's left alone
Ooh, the years burn
Ooh, the years burn, burn, burn

I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my voice
What's a boy supposed to do?
The killer in me is the killer in you
My love
I send this smile over to you

The killer in me is the killer in you
Send this smile over to you
The killer in me is the killer in you
Send this smile over to you
The killer in me is the killer in you
Send this smile over to you

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Response to Bluecat4usa | Reviewer: Birdo33 | 5/26/13

I am sorry u feel u didnt have much of a childhood. Many can relate to that, but you taking care of your family is just as important. im sure they are thankful for you everyday. dont feel too bad about missing out on that.

fuck a duck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/11

easily one of their most haunting songs. Hence it is easily my favorite. Billy hit a highnote on this song and i am fuck aware it was deeply personal. the music is also shockingly beautiful and catchy. in 1993, it was the norm for most bands to be unrealistically talented, the same cant be said today, but its still out there if people would just look. Billy, i love you.

billy says | Reviewer: me | 12/5/10

“The reason I wrote Disarm was because, I didn’t have the guts to kill my parents, so I thought I’d get back at them through song. And rather than have an angry, angry, angry violent song I’d thought I’d write something beautiful and make them realize what tender feelings I have in my heart, and make them feel really bad for treating me like shit.” Billy Corgan

The Importance of Voice | Reviewer: Jill | 5/20/10

The song is about the importance of one's ideas and their expression.
"You've been silent for too long - don't disarm yourself anymore."
Someone I love just said this to me... How silence kills and steals youth and possibly life. A child left alone with a fear of self expression is lost far too soon. If not in age, in soul.

Deep song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/10

He disarms the world with a smile to cut through the hardships and press on. The world is a part of all of us and rapes us of our childhood. oh how we wish we could be a child forever. You grow old in the shoes you wish you could live in forever and as the years pass it burns.Killing life as days pass. The beauty of this song is that it can be inturpurated in any way.. it can be applied to love, hate, loss, life in general...

years burn... | Reviewer: Dana | 5/17/10

I think this song is about how Billie was abandoned by their parents because they traveled all the time for their jobs of musicians... maybe he took decisions being very small and he had to be someone older because situations drive him to this... and how he believes that can make the same things with another person in another way even against his wants,

Old too fast | Reviewer: Bluecat4usa | 1/3/10

I guess you cound interpret this in anyway that it touches your lifes lessons.

For me it just reminds me of how I was just a boy when I had to be the man of the house. I never took anything for myself. It was all for mum, nani, papa and my smaller sisters.

It saddens me that I never had those carefree days that should have been there.

blergh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/09

For some reason I always got the impression that this song was about being abused when you were a child and tp pretend like it never happened. That's why I love this song though, because it can be interpreted in any way you like. Whether its about lovers, growing up, parents or life in general.

disarm | Reviewer: rocknrhonda | 5/10/09

Love this song, love trying to play it on my guitar. I think the meaning is about growing older in life and the way we think about our past and how the years seem to fly by. Thank you to the Artist-Smashing Pumpkins, thanks Billy and the group....love rhonda, peace always.

smile and disarm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/09

i believe it to be about a relationship romantic or otherwise where there are mixed feelings. smiling to disarm the hostile feelings of another, not feeling innocent anymore, cutting your inner child that has grown to be a part of this relationship. wishing u could go back to the little boy u were and wondering how u changed into the shoes you're in now. the killer in me being the evil side in everyone brought out by love or the loss of it. thats mine, i love the feeling of the music in this piece.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/09

I love this song so much but it's always hard for me to interpret it into just one specific meaning...there are so many different ways to relate to it. It just frustrates me that I can't find one meaning

PARENTS | Reviewer: YOLS | 8/2/08

When hearing this song I hear how universal it is.4 me,it makes me think of my father,and how much he resents me 4my mistakes,same mistakes he makes.The killer in me is the killer in him.luv pumpkins!

suck a nice song | Reviewer: Mikey | 12/16/07

I think this song is so great. I love listening to it. I think it's about a man leaving someone behind, even though he is left behind himself when he was younger. Just awesome!

Disarm | Reviewer: Lucy | 11/21/07

I think this song is about Billy when he was little... how his parents would treat him... either way its very touching. Great song thanks for posting ^_^

The One That Got Away... | Reviewer: Kris Massive | 11/10/07

...this song was put on a mix tape for me from this hot chick I fancied heaps, we'd kissed a few times, it was a great great summer. She left the country and left me with this song, it struck such a deep chord in me and still has to this day (15 years later). Thanks for the memories!!!

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