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I need a gun to keep myself among
The poor people are burning in the sun
But they ain't got a chance
They ain't got a chance
I need a gun
Cos all I do is dance
Cos all I do is dance

I need a gun to keep myself among
The poor people are burning in the sun
No, they ain't got a chance
They ain't got a chance
I need a gun
Cos all I do is dance
Cos all I do is dance

In my backpack
I got my act right
In case you act quite difficult
And your resolve weaken
With anger and discontent
Some are seeking and searching like Nimoy

I'm a peace-loving decoy
Ready for retaliation
I change the whole occasion to a pine box six-under
Impulsive don't ask why or wonder
Orders given to me is:
strike and I'm thunder with lightning fast reflexes on constant alert
from the constant hurt that seems limitless with no dropping pressure

Seems like everybody's out to test ya
'til they see your break
You can't conceal the hate
That consumes you
I'm the reason why you fill up your Isuzu

Chill with your old lady at the tilt
I got a 90 days visit
And I'm filled with guilt
From things that I've seen
Your water's from a bottle
mine's from a canteen

At night I hear the shots
Ring so I'm a light sleeper
The cost of life,
it seems to get cheaper
out in the desert
with my street sweeper
The war is over
So said the speaker with the flight suit on
Maybe to him I'm just a pawn
So he can advance
Remember when I used to dance
Man, all I want to do is dance


I need a gun to keep myself among

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The Dancing Soldier | Reviewer: Pinkie Pie | 1/19/12

Dancing represents something only emotional, something without agenda or profit, unselfish and unselfless.

A gun is used to hurt or kill living things.

It's just about wanting to just exist, be human, without having to fight even our own wars, much less the wars of others. The contrast of children singing that they "need a gun" to the dancing soldier is a big hint there. It's like everyone goes, "Wait, isn't that backwards?" And it makes you think, well dang, it's not like those soldiers are all THAT much older than those kids... And you start to feel like they're all the same, really. Because they are.

consumerism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/11

im the reason why you fill up your isuzu

saying something bout consumption, coming from the perspective of war mongering people forcing us to live this life of driving to work blah blah blah ... all i wanna do is dance

What | Reviewer: Tak | 12/11/10

Okay so reading everyones reviews I agree with you guys. It's about war and starvation and soldiers.I just don't agree with the dude who says it just rymes. At first I need a gun because all I do is dance confused me but now I interprate that as like dancing doesn't defend yourself so you need a gun. I'm not too good at finding the meaning of songs but I know that all or pretty much all gorillaz songs have meaning so ya... Some are just harder to figure or than others like feel good Inc took a while for me to figure out and hotel California by the eagles but songs like brain damage by pink Floyd are pretty obvious.

Many inturpretations | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/09

I think the rapper is singing from the perspective of the average army footsoldier- the ones doing the most fighting. However, I also think the main chorus (singing children) is about African child soldiers in Darfur (or however it's said) who were driven to poverty.

I like the song. Pretty deep.

interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

I think that the song is about the war. The children's chorus Is singing about the growing terrorism threat. The rapper is rapping both about the decline of society and the idiocy of president bush. That's how I see it.

Dirty Harry isn't some social commentary... | Reviewer: bfw27@email.vccs.edu | 12/4/07

Their first hit single was Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry was what they named it, thinking it would likely be their next. The lyrics may have some symbolic meaning, but the title is little more than a fun fact for buyers of the first album.

The album in general | Reviewer: Brad | 11/18/07

The album in general can be inturpeted many ways back wards and forwards track order.

Common back wards meaning: A progression in the war in Iraq, spreading all other globe. People in the streets are suffering famine. The need for guns is of the charts. The earth is in disrepair. whilst children are even brain washed for war, few people people offer resistance. Then finaly the transition of complete controll is made.

Forwards, dying in a war zone. and jumps to socio-economical effects of war. Children in Iraq arm up for protection, as an american laments over the war, and remembers simpler days. war becomes and expansionist movement. Attacking free thought and all emotions making us human. Then the fall of soceity. after which, some lament over the fall. and awaite new hope in the comming november. The war makes one last stand in a village, then the mountain called monkey ended all of life. Then the it turns out the whole cd was chronicaling of dreams. foreshadwoing hard ships in a war torn world soon to come.

Thats are two of the main ones. I don't know where people get those. I can kinda, but not so much, see a connection to songs, but again not so much. It's not like it's coheed and Cambria, given that it would be a bit more organized if it were meant in the same story type formatt.

Dirty Harry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

While I can see why this song interpreted as what soldiers in Iraq go through, it can also very easily be seen as growing up in the street. My neighborhood is a war zone. People die trying to live. Thats why we carry guns. "At night I hear the shots scream so im a lite sleeper" This song is also about how people judge people in the hood. Opportunities are taken from us.
" Seems like everybodys out to test ya
Till they see you break
You conceal the hate that consumes"
Judgment fills me with desperation and hate, but I must hide my hate to advance. All I want to do is dance, return to my old ways, but I know I must carry on.
This song is obviously about soldiers in Iraq, but on second thought, it is about the very neighbor hood I, and others like me, come from.

'...cause all i do is dance.' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

i think the song is random rhyming words... your sposed to feel the rhythm... it can mean whatever you want it to mean. thats its beauty.

US soliders | Reviewer: nolamellen | 9/30/07

Wow, I may have never made the connection of this song to US soldiers and kids in a war zone - thanks for the insight. I now respect the gorillaz genius even more.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Quick Chris | 7/16/07

Really, there is no literal translation to any particular group, other than soldiers. The rapper says, "remember when we used to dance?" It is about the sacrifice of youth, while everyone consumes. The soldiers "over there" are the same as over here. It isn't just america but everybody. No one wants to fight they just want to live. But the rapper is talking to the consumer, who else would buy the CD?

the title... | Reviewer: Siema | 7/5/07

The title is called Dirty Harry after a film which stars Clint Eastwood. The film portrays a lot of violence and guns and is similar to the song because the supposedly 'good guy' the policeman, will tackle the dirtiest of cases even if it violates people's rights. In the same way, Bush feels he can do the same.

It's a mash up | Reviewer: Kyler | 6/8/07

The idea of the song, in my own personal view, is that the kids' part is supposed to be the children who live in Darfur, Iraq, whatever. The rap part is the soldier, obviously, and he is rapping about having to do all these things and ffeels terrible about it, or "dirty." Hence the title.

^ Continuation^ | Reviewer: Jamey | 6/6/07

" 'Cause all I do is dance..."
Most people getting sent over are in their twenties, and barely know anything of war. Just out of Basic.

Dirty Harry. | Reviewer: Jamey | 6/6/07

The war in Iraq.

"The war is over
So said the speaker,
with a flight suit on"-Bush
"I'm the reason why you fill up your Isuzu"
The war in Iraq is primarily to prepare the Iraqi forces to defend thenmselves, but another reason is to secure the vast oil reserves there.
Isuzu=truck/car brand.
The reason for the title is still unfound to me, though. Help?

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