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June 1977 - Nov 1977. English graduate and former Yorkshire
Evening Post journalist, Mark Knopfler, (born Aug. 12,
1949, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland), a part time teacher
and pub rock player and songwriter, having spent two months
with northern UK band Brewers Droop, before forming Café
Racers, is sharing a flat with fellow group members in
Deptford, South London. His cohorts are social worker and
guitarist brother, David Knopfler, (born Dec. 27th 1952,
Glasgow), and sociology undergraduate and bank manager's
son John More...

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Review about Dire Straits songs
A small point in a beautiful song. . . | Reviewer: Rich
    ------ About the song Romeo and Juliet performed by Dire Straits

In the first line Mark Knoffler used the phrase "streetsuss serenade". The dictionary entry for "streetsuss" says it refers to the usual background noises of the streets. In later concerts he sings something else. Guess it was too awkward.

Mujahideen | Reviewer: Paul H.
    ------ About the song Brothers In Arms performed by Dire Straits

I just read that the song was 'about' the Falklands war.

I had always imagined it was about some Mujahideen, fighting against the Russians or Americans. Driven from their green valleys, to the mist-covered mountains.

"It is written in the stars..." is not what an English soldier would think or say. It *is* what an Arabaic peasant resistance fighter would think. Same with, "...in the palm of your hand..."

Hm. I like my interpretation better.

A song that touched my soul.

My Favourite record of all time | Reviewer: Martin Fox
    ------ About the song The Man's Too Strong performed by Dire Straits

As a military accountant in the Pay Corps of the British Army in the 1980's in the rank of corporal I could really identify with this record. it contributed to my nervous breakdown and subsequent Christian conversion. Something I am eternally grateful. I am 49 years old now and still have military connections. A Volunteer in ssafa - a military charity . Responsible for the welfare needs of the serving and ex serving service community. Wars and battles were never the same again. God Bless Mark Knofler and the rest of Dire Straits. Welfare Administrator is my new job title and something I am very proud of Dire Straits contributed to this new status in this record. Thanks.

Single Handed Sailor - Misintrepted Song | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Single-Handed Sailor performed by Dire Straits

I've often seen people refer to this song as a homage to Francis Chichester. The reference to the Gypsy Moth (and the Cutty Sark) is just scene setting by Knopfler. The song is actually about a stowaway (the mother and her baby in the college of war) escaping an abusive relationship. The man they are escaping from being 'The mariner of dry-dock land' who happens to be 'up on the bridge on the self same night' as they 'slip away below him, away from the things he has done'.

The irony of the song is that the Single Handed Sailor isn't alone at all. The only question really is does he know she's on board?

my no. one forever and ever,amen! | Reviewer: georgia kovack
    ------ About the song Sultans Of Swing performed by Dire Straits

Best song ,what a guitar fascination ,takes me away, i forget everything, i fly far away,i don't have a better song,by far unique ,what a voice,i am crazy about it,that's it! Thank you Dire Straits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice ! | Reviewer: Thibaut props
    ------ About the song Romeo and Juliet performed by Dire Straits

I really love this song , i will never forget you my lover ! i know you cheated on me with Michiel , but i will forget it speciaal for you ! love you babe , it's all for you Siel!

Knopfler is amazing | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Money For Nothing performed by Dire Straits

The lyrics of this song force knopfler to do something he does not often do, and that is to really demonstrate his ability as a guitarist. The narrator was actually some idiot Knopfler overheard in a retail store. He was apalled by the bigotry and idiocy he was spouting to coworkers who had MTV playing on several TVs. When the narrator is spouting this garbage in the song, Knopfler must play well enough to demonstrate that playing a guitar well is not at all easy; creating and arranging music requires a great deal of hard work, years of practice, and no small amount of talent. The narrator, however, like most of us, only see the finished product, but not the practice and devotion that were required to producebthe art.

I once told a musician that I thought Knopfler was underrated as a guitarist and he responded that those who play his music quickly realize just how good he really is. He produces complex musical arrangements, but plays so well one does not notice how talented he really is.

As for the insulting language in the song, it is a vital element of the art and Knopfler refutes the idiotic opinion of this gerbil by grinding a bit more on the guitar than he normally would, thereby proving the stupidity and bigotry of the man. Changing the lyrics, or editing the song is not only insulting to Knopfler, it damages the impact of the work.

I do not enjoy hearing racist, vulgar, or bigotted language, but artists must have the right to show us the failings of society and comment upon what they perceive and expose us to the ugliness of our biases, ignorances, and narrow minded thoughts. We may not appreciate the art, or the technique, but that is not a failing of the art, but of the observer. Picasso's Guernica, for example, which depicts the bombing of a town during the Spanish Civil War and which I cannot consider beautiful, comes very close to showing us the horror of the war and its costs. I would not hang it on my wall, but I have to appreciate how he developed a new technique which clearly shows his reaction to the event and reveals his intentions when you know the motivation behind its creation.

Lost Romeo | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Romeo and Juliet performed by Dire Straits

This song was suggested to me by my Romeo of many years ago. It brings so much emotion and meaning to what happened in our lives. Met on a study abroad...fell quickly in love. I had to come home to finish school and he eventually stopped calling.

Now we have new lives but the burn for what was still lies with us both...what a touching song to frame those memories.

ms | Reviewer: angela
    ------ About the song Telegraph Road performed by Dire Straits

The most prolific + gifted musician - Mr Knopfler. Dire Straits never ages, never fails to inspire. Indeed a musical genius. One that has made music so great that it never fails to inspire.listening to that electric guitar - just mind blowing talent made look so easy. You guys rock!

I just feel the samy way | Reviewer: Jahid
    ------ About the song Telegraph Road performed by Dire Straits

I just like others. Like Dire Streets very much love Romeo Juliet, Telegraph Road, Brothers In arms. I heard some other title from others review. Now I am going to download them and eat for the night.

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