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Dir En Grey Dum Spiro Spero Album

Last updated: 06/11/2012 12:00:00 PM

Release Date: 08/03/2011
Tracks in Dum Spiro Spero: The Blossoming Beelzebub, Different Sense, Amon, "Yokusou Ni Dreambox" Aruiwa Seijuku No Rinen To Tsumetai Ame, Juuyoku, Shitataru Mourou, Lotus, Diabolos, Akatsuki, Decayed Crow, Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami, Vanitas, Ruten No Tou

Dum Spiro Spero Album Tracklist

Dum Spiro Spero (stylized as DUM SPIRO SPERO, Latin for "While I Breathe, I Hope") is the eighth studio album by the Japanese metal band Dir En Grey, released on August 3, 2011. It was released in both a single-CD edition, a deluxe edition digipak with two bonus tracks ("Rasetsukoku" and "Amon (Symphonic Ver.)"), and a limited edition featuring the deluxe digipak, a DVD and two LPs.

The bonus track "Rasetsukoku" is a re-recording of the original song found on their 2000 album Macabre, and the three singles featured on the album ("Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami", "Lotus" and "Different Sense") have all been remastered. The second disc marks the first time Dir En Grey have released remixes of their own songs since the 2001 single "embryo".

The album art was designed by the band's long-time artist Koji Yoda. This art-cover probably represents Tara, the Mother of Liberation in Tibetan Buddhism. The scenery of the bamboos is very meaningful to the band. According to guitarist Die, "the bamboo conveys the idea of sacredness and serenity [...]. Ultimately, it means to keep faith and hope alive even though you are living the worst : While I breath, I hope." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia